Hey, I'm Elle

My story is a huge part of my journey, and at the heart of everything I create. It’s the inspiration for Elle Fit Active, and the reason why I love to help people, just like you. 

Over the years, I’ve had plenty of joy but also lots of physical and mental pain to work through. When I was 14, I was diagnosed with scoliosis — an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine — which led to years of back pain. In my early 20’s, I developed chronic fatigue and struggled with anxiety, stress and depression. Hello, rock bottom. Although it took its toll, it was down there that I found a silver lining: it gave me somewhere to plant my feet, push off and kick my way to the surface. So that’s exactly what I did.

For every problem I experienced, I was determined to find a solution.

Get Bendy was the daily stretching routine that solved my back pain — until I turned it into a poster that has helped thousands of people solve theirs too.

Get Clear was my tried and tested daily checklist that helped me reduce anxiety and do exactly what the title suggests — it is now a free download for anyone that needs it.

Get Organised was born after spending two years untangling my life (and my brain) — today this in-depth program puts others on an express route to peace.

The Journelle was where I captured my thoughts, worked through my feelings and practised gratitude — now I get to watch people become inspired to write, think and create.

What started as ‘my story’ has outgrown ‘me’. These days, Elle Fit Active exists so you can feel less alone in whatever you’re going through.

To offer you a simple and enjoyable approach for an easier life. To give you the solutions I found, the well-being tools that I created, and the methods for how I got here. To act as a safe space to learn, share and live your best life, every single day. 

Because even though my name is in the title, Elle Fit Active is all about you. 

5 quick facts

• I live by the ocean, am happiest by the ocean and love a coastal road trip.

• If you see me singing in the car, there's a high chance it's to Dermot Kennedy or Ziggy Alberts.

• I have a (not so mild) obsession with the colour olive and will happily outfit repeat until my clothes fall apart.

• I'm easily hangry, love delicious food, but you'll rarely find me in the kitchen.

• My most important job is being Sunny's mum. He's our Golden Retriever (don't tell him he looks like a Lab, he'll take it pawsonally).