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Stretch your body.
Stretch your mind.

The Get Bendy stretching poster is a tool you can turn to for the rest of your life.

Unless someone swoops in and claims it.

Kick off your morning with a routine that leaves you feeling calm, grounded and ready to take on the world.

Or unwind in your pyjamas, relieve pain and de-stress so you can sleep like a log.

Get Bendy is your daily reminder to slow down and switch off - whenever suits you.

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 What is Get Bendy? 

  • A stretching sequence that targets your whole body.
  • Stretching - yoga. Same, same.
  • A tool you can turn to as maaaany times as you like!

If the Get Bendy Poster made its way into my life, what could it offer? 

  • There's a long list of things (some rather unexpected) but the most important in my opinion, is its ability to act as a reminder to switch off, stretch MORE and stress LESS.
  • Get Bendy is also pain relief in the form of a poster rather than a pain killer.
  • You can read how Get Bendy is helping others on our Testimonials page as well as the Reviews tab found on each product page.

What's inside the Get Bendy eGuide?

  • This handy eGuide that can be saved on any device that supports PDF is full of photos and instructions so you know exactly what to do.
  • Plenty of fun facts that answer all of your stretching questions.
  • Tips for pain free posture at the desk.
  • EXPRESS SESSIONS for when you're pressed for time.

Why was Get Bendy created?

  • I was tired of spending $$$ on yoga classes and not getting a homework sheet to practice in my own time. So I created one.
  • I suffered from excruciating back and nerve pain due to unmanaged scoliosis and Get Bendy fixed it. Now I live pain free. And I want the same for you. It also did a brilliant job at reducing anxiety and stress.
  • A few stretches every day can make a HUGE difference in your overall quality of life. Give it a go!


Size + quality?

  • The Get Bendy Poster is printed on 200GSM poster paper with a matt cello glaze finish giving it a smooth, silky finish - no laminating required unless desired.
  • A1 poster dimensions 594 x 841mm

    Hanging + mounting options?

    All outlined in this post for you!

    How much does the postie cost?

    Standard shipping with tracking $10.00

    New Zealand
    Standard shipping with tracking $11.50

    UK & Ireland
    Standard shipping with tracking $14.50

    US, Canada & Mexico
    Standard shipping with tracking $14.80

    Rest of World
    Economy shipping without tracking (10 to 30+ business days) $10.00
    Standard shipping with tracking (3-10 business days) $18.00


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    18 Jan 2020
    Alicia C.


    Been stuck in hospital the last few weeks and have been eagerly waiting to get home to stretch it out with the new poster! Feels so good to finally move, perfect timing for sure. Much love from Canada!

    13 Jan 2020
    Italy Italy

    Daily dose of self care

    Get Bendy is in my daily routine since 2016.. It helped me creating again the mind-body connection I lost in a dark period of my life. And today It still represents a moment for me, for listening, get in tune with my emotions and find my peace without judgement, with no urcency of reaching perfection or hit some self-imposed standards. I am a professional athlete so have a moment for Just FEEL is extremely helpful! Thanks Elle ♥️

    13 Jan 2020
    Lejla R.
    Austria Austria


    I have sent a message to Elle to express my interest and share my thoughts about her get bendy ebook as I am a student and couldn’t afford it. I did this with no intentions, just wanted to let her know that she has support from a faaar away country. I didn’t even expect a response.. and she replied to my email with an ebook for free. This just goes on to show what an amazing person she is and that she truly wants to help as many people possible and not only make money. I have been using this routine with various problems such as anxiety lower back problems and overall stress caused by uni and life. It has helped me tremendously with my sleeping, pain and mental health, and I will continue to support Elle and her friends because let’s be real they are awesome. Thank you Elle,

    13 Jan 2020
    Canada Canada

    Newbie friendly

    I’m a yoga teacher and I love recommending this to people who are apprehensive about trying yoga. Such a great way to get used to the movements at your own pace, in your own space.

    13 Jan 2020
    Australia Australia

    Finally- a full nights sleep

    Thank you, Elle. I have so much trouble getting a full nights sleep, and your Get Bendy program is the perfect way to wind down. When doing it consistently, I find that I’m not waking up during the night and I drift off to sleep within minutes- usually I’d be tossing and turning for ages! Thank you x

    13 Jan 2020
    Emily .
    Australia Australia

    Can’t live without!

    Anxiety levels reduced ✅ Improved sleep ✅ Improved flexibility ✅ Huge reduction in back pain ✅ Do yourself a favour and invest in Get Bendy

    13 Jan 2020
    Australia Australia

    Love it!

    Get Bendy helps me in so many ways. When I am sore from dance, when I’m feeling anxious, or when I want to get off my device for a while. I pop on some music (mostly Lumineers) and stretch. ‍♀️

    12 Jan 2020
    Australia Australia

    Get Bendy

    i love my get bendy poster!

    06 Jan 2020
    Hannah V.
    Australia Australia

    Love my poster!

    Such an easy to follow stretch guide. Highly recommend!

    03 Jan 2020
    Helen M.
    Australia Australia

    Elle Bendy Poster

    Thank goodness I found Elle on Instagram! Such a fantastic poster to have in my gym room. I framed it with a Kmart poster frame and it’s amazing. Now I can visually see the correct way to bend and stretch. I love this poster and I’m happy to write this review.

    27 Dec 2019
    Jake G.
    Australia Australia

    Poster !

    My girlfriend loved it !!

    A Elle Fit Active Customer
    20 Dec 2019
    Glynis S.
    Australia Australia

    I’m getting bendy!

    I haven’t been flexible since doing dance as a kid and suddenly I can put my hands flat on the ground again thanks to get bendy! I feel so fresh and alive when I get bendy and even force my housemates to join in because they know it makes them feel better after!

    19 Dec 2019
    Kayla D.
    Australia Australia

    I’ve never been so bendy

    I honestly didn’t expect to see changes as fast as I did. I was mainly wanting more flexibility/mobility for lifting and it has helped my lifting go up by 50% or more I am beyond happy for someone who struggled to get low enough I’m finally able to get under that bar thanks Elle for making me somewhat bendy

    13 Dec 2019
    Switzerland Switzerland

    Goodbye back pain

    Get Bendy has helped relieve a lot of back pain from sitting all day long in a chair. I do it every night to wind down before bed and I sleep sooo much better! And on top of that I have gotten more flexible too. Cannot recommend this enough!

    13 Dec 2019
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Well-being staple and conversation starter

    The poster itself is great quality and the poster holder it comes in is very handy for keeping cylindrical shaped objects in, or as a toy for your dog. It's a beautiful offline reminder to take care of myself each day, plus my partner finally stretches without being prompted, so I'm no longer nagging him about that. What's more, when friends come over, they're interested in the poster, they want to talk about it and that ultimately leads to a meaningful conversation about self-care and other topics besides the weather and work.

    11 Dec 2019
    United States United States

    Everyone needs one!

    I’ve suffered with sciatica off and on for a while, I am always amazed that when I’m using my Get Bendy poster/ebook regularly the difference it makes to me being comfortable and pain free! As an added bonus I’ve noticed it also great for de-stressing too! I love Get Bendy so much I got a poster for my mum too as she sits a lot with her work. However, it wasn’t until she broke her leg pretty badly last year that she saw the real benefit of it. After months on crunches or sitting down her shoulder were around her ears and her hips and back were so tight, she started using her her poster consistently and it has been a game changer for her too!

    11 Dec 2019
    Ireland Ireland

    I got bendy... and split... and inverted

    I’ve got the all of the Get e-guides and the Get Bendy poster... I can safely say that my body and mind scream and shout at me when I neglect to do them for a couple days! I originally got the get bendy guide for flexibility and mobility to use before and after exercise, but it’s now also become my “me time” to clear my mind and refresh. Would recommend (and have recommended) to everyone I know! Anytime someone in work complains about anything, my first suggestion is always “so there’s this Aussie I follow on insta that has this wonderful sort-your-life-out guide and poster”!

    11 Dec 2019
    Australia Australia

    Knee saver!

    I've always had dodgy achy knees with the pain often waking me up during the night. Physios told me my knee ligaments and bones didn't quite line up right, so it couldn't be fixed and apart from some strengthening exercises, stretching my quads and avoiding things that caused flare ups (like sitting for long periods), I had to learn to live with the pain. I stumbled across Get Bendy, gave it a go and after the first session had my first pain free sleep in years! Turns out my knee pain has a lot more to do with muscle tightness in my hips, lower back and calves, not just my quads! My pain is so much more manageable now, and when I do have a flare up a Get Bendy session saves me. Thank you, Elle!

    11 Dec 2019
    Australia Australia

    Elle could be tried for witchcraft

    Honestly, I only picked up my poster from the post office a few hours ago, so I haven't even used it yet but just taking it out of the tube made me feel better, cleared up my skin and got rid of my headache. Pretty sure I'm gonna sleep soundly tonight knowing that I have it waiting for me in the morning Zzz Honestly though, I've been using the e-guide while I've been waiting for my poster to arrive. Its SO helpful and relaxing. It's nice to have a reason to slow down for a while and look after my body and mind. The guide is super thorough, and great as a handy reference if you don't have much time or don't have the poster handy. I often get quite bad tension headaches and this has been amazing so far, and seems to be helping me prevent them before they're even a problem!

    11 Dec 2019
    Australia Australia

    Absolutely amazing

    I drive 2 hours to and from work each day. It got to the point I was experiencing nerve pain & numbness, as well as chronic headaches. After a little prompting from a friend I got on board with stretching - BEST DECISION EVER. The headaches are gone, the pain is gone, I’m sleeping better & my nerve pain has finally stopped.