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Stretch your body.
Stretch your mind.

The Get Bendy stretching poster is a tool you can turn to for the rest of your life.

Unless someone swoops in and claims it. 

Kick off your morning with a routine that leaves you feeling calm, grounded and ready to take on the world. 

Or unwind in your pyjamas, relieve pain and de-stress so you can sleep like a log.

Get Bendy is your daily reminder to slow down and switch off - whenever suits you.

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 What is Get Bendy? 

  • A stretching sequence that targets your whole body.
  • Stretching - yoga. Same, same.
  • A tool you can turn to as maaaany times as you like!

If the Get Bendy Poster made its way into my life, what could it offer? 

  • There's a long list of things (some rather unexpected) but the most important in my opinion, is its ability to act as a reminder to switch off, stretch MORE and stress LESS.
  • Get Bendy is also pain relief in the form of a poster rather than a pain killer.
  • You can read how Get Bendy is helping others on our Testimonials page as well as the Reviews tab found on each product page.

What's inside the Get Bendy eGuide?

  • This handy eGuide that can be saved on any device that supports PDF is full of photos and instructions so you know exactly what to do.
  • Plenty of fun facts that answer all of your stretching questions.
  • Tips for pain free posture at the desk.
  • EXPRESS SESSIONS for when you're pressed for time.

Why was Get Bendy created?

  • I was tired of spending $$$ on yoga classes and not getting a homework sheet to practice in my own time. So I created one.
  • I suffered from excruciating back and nerve pain due to unmanaged scoliosis and Get Bendy fixed it. Now I live pain free. And I want the same for you. It also did a brilliant job at reducing anxiety and stress.
  • A few stretches every day can make a HUGE difference in your overall quality of life. Give it a go!


Size + quality?

  • The Get Bendy Poster is printed on 200GSM poster paper with a matte cello glaze giving it a smooth, silky finish - no laminating required unless desired.
  • A1 poster dimensions 594 x 841mm

    Hanging options?

    Our beautiful and easy to assemble poster hangers.

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    Rest of World
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    05 Mar 2021
    Genevieve W.
    Australia Australia
    Simply perfect

    If you always have the intention to stretch more or do yoga but never actually stretch or do yoga then this is perfect. It’s aesthetic, it’s accessible and it’s in your face so you can’t forget to do it. Yes we bloody luv it.

    18 Feb 2021
    Cat S.
    Spain Spain

    I really love the concept but, I wasn't expecting there to be so many instructions. I'm sure as I get the hang of it then I wouldn't need to read them. But, I would love for there to be an audio that goes along with the guide or even a video so rather than coming back to the guide and reading each step as I go, I could flow through each movement better while listening. Thank you!

    10 Dec 2020
    Sina R.
    Germany Germany

    The quality of the poster is great, it looks really nice hanging on my wall. Also, the stretching is so helpful for both body and mind. I'm very glad to have purchased it :)

    16 Nov 2020
    Kirsty P.
    Australia Australia
    Amazing product.

    What I really loved about purchasing this product was the tips about hanging and mounting. Also of course, Elle's helps and generosity :)

    05 Nov 2020
    Ebony .
    Australia Australia
    The best!

    I love Get Bendy! I recently brought it as I have felt I really just needed a good stretch to get me going in the morning or to help me sleep at night. It’s been especially good as I have started working. Coming home from a day of school and then heading to work for a few hours had made made my legs really sore and restless, but if course as I use my Get Bendy guide they feel so much better!!

    05 Nov 2020
    Katie M.
    Australia Australia
    best purchase of 2020

    Stretching is now a part of my morning routine and I find myself stretching twice a day. I'm so much more calmer and my body feels so much better. I'm not feeling myself wanting to crack my neck as much and I can see progression in my flexibility. I'm loving the eguide for my upcoming holiday so I can still stretch with a guide!

    21 Oct 2020
    Scarlett A.
    Australia Australia
    Love the Get Bendy poster!!

    An amazing way to start every day. Simple, but so effective in warming up the body & definitely targets every muscle! Loooooove it!

    13 Oct 2020
    Alex H.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    I LOVE IT!! So great for my mental health

    12 Oct 2020
    Adrienne H.
    Australia Australia
    Elle Fit Active

    I am just loving my new Elle Fit Active Stretch chart. It helps me limber up before and after fitness classes and eases those aches and pains away after a strenuous workout.

    09 Oct 2020
    Nicole W.
    Australia Australia
    After 14 days I felt AMAZING!

    I committed to a 21 day challenge and after 14 days I felt amazing. No stiffness or sore lower back. No tight hamstrings. Would recommend this for absolutely everybody!

    29 Sep 2020
    Australia Australia
    Just love love love my poster ...

    ... especially when I come around the corner and see my 2 year old doing the positions

    27 Aug 2020
    Georgia P.
    Australia Australia
    So many benefits!

    I purchased a poster for my friend and I Earlier this year and We’re absolutely loving it! Super helpful and easy to follow along

    23 Aug 2020
    Tenille D.
    Australia Australia
    Get moving

    I've recently had a bone marrow transplant following a leukaemia diagnosis (and with 2 other cancers behinds me) my body does not move like it used to. I've found this a great resource of positive energy, time to be gentle and kind to myself as I slowly teach my body how to bend and stretch like I know it can. Thank you for creating something with such good energy attached to it. It might just be a poster but it brings so much more warmth with it. Highly recommend!!

    12 Aug 2020
    Tia G.
    United States United States
    Love it!!

    Such a great guide to have posted on the wall. It reminds me to bend everyday. I love these simple yet helpful stretches that really wake me up every morning. Thanks Elle!

    06 Aug 2020
    Danielle B.
    Australia Australia
    Get Bendy Poster

    A great visual reminder to move your body! Awesome tool to assist with educating and encouraging my little girls the benefits and importance of self care. The design and colour if the poster is minimal and blends well with our home and style. Highly recommend!

    30 Jul 2020
    Emily F.
    Australia Australia
    A well needed change

    I’m really enjoying the poster especially because I see it in my room and feel motivated to do the stretches. I have ridiculously tight muscles and this is one of the ways I am trying to become less stiff and rigid. I enjoy taking time out of my day to just focus on myself, even if at the moment I’m not very flexible at all!

    18 Jul 2020
    Natasha L.
    Australia Australia

    I was ‘blessed’ with a bad back and neck from birth. I regularly see a Physio and Chiro who both struggle to get my back to crack - until I started Get Bendy. The first time I did the whole sequence and my back gently ‘cracked’ at the end, I could’ve cried. My neck pain is alleviated greatly whenever I do the sequence and has helped lower the frequency of my (usually regular) migraines. Thank you so much Elle.

    14 Jul 2020
    Megan D.
    Australia Australia
    You're amazing!

    I have now purchased 3 of these little gems Elle They're great presents for my friends and I use mine all the time!! I'm that girl that bailed you up for a lunch date in Burleigh a couple of years ago from Melb (friends with grace) Hope you are keeping well Beautiful I'd actually love to do a collaboration with you for your guides with a project I'm working on. I will be in touch xx Meg

    01 Jul 2020
    Ellie H.
    Australia Australia
    Just what everyone needs

    The Get Bendy Poster is so great! For someone who has always had very little flexibility, the stretches are simple and help me make sure I target all parts of my body, makes me feel so good.

    01 Jul 2020
    Georgina C.
    Australia Australia
    Get Bendy

    Love it, after suffering fatigue for 2 years and stopping exercise caused a major loss of confidence. Get bendy sequence flows, stretches and supports, guiding me to safely move again! I have been doing get bendy most days since purchase and love how it makes me feel. Thank you SO much