Get Bendy

Up to 30% off - Stretch at your own pace, in your own space.

Get Organised

25% off! A roadmap for untangling, clearing and overhauling your life.


Up to 25% off - A safe space to write, explore, create and be.

Stretch your body, untangle your life & clear your mind

Well-being tools by Eliza Landgren

Get Bendy

Hey, I'm Elle

Elle Fit Active was inspired by my story — how I overcame my struggles with scoliosis, chronic fatigue, stress & anxiety — but I haven't let these things define me.

I love helping people and seeing them thrive. So I’ve built this space where I can share my well-being tools that make your life easier, while empowering you to take control and shape a happy, peaceful life — even if curveballs are constantly being thrown your way.

Get Bendy

Get Bendy is a stretching poster created to help relieve pain, calm the mind and empower you to take care of yourself as often as you can.

"I have been using Get Bendy for over six months now and it is the best thing ever. Not only has it helped cure my back pain but it is such a great guide when you just need to relax!"

- Olivia

Get Organised

Get Organised is a roadmap for untangling your life, clearing your mind and overhauling your habits so you have more room for the things that actually matter. 

"Highly recommend this for anyone looking to sort out their life. Elle’s writing is light and inspiring, filled with personal anecdotes and wrapped with her charming sense of humour."

- Donna


The Journelle is your safe space to write, explore, create and be. Whether you use it as a diary, gratitude journal, art book or photo album, make it yours.

"I was looking for a really special journal for my niece for her birthday and a friend put me onto Elle’s website. The journal was one of the nicest ones that I’ve seen and the quality is stunning. Elle offers a quick and personable service. I will be buying more of these in the near future. They really do make a gorgeous gift, my niece was thrilled."

- Margo

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