Get Inverted


It’s time for you to get upside down! Get Inverted is all about unleashing your inner child, letting go of your fears and learning how to nail arm balances and inversions. Headstands, handstands - all things upside down.

Get Inverted shows you how to get ready with core work and partner drills (it's always more fun with a friend). The guide explains how to work with a partner for spotting and support and also runs through other safe options if you don’t have anyone to work with (i.e. our trusty old friend Mr Wall).

Get Inverted can help you with all of the below + a bunch of variations:

  • Shoulderstand
  • Crow & crane
  • Tripod headstand
  • Headstand
  • Forearmstand
  • Forearm scorpion
  • Handstand
What's inside?

Click through the photos, you'll get a sneak peek!

- Wrist stretches (you’ll need these, trust me!)
- Core warm up ideas and strength work
- Drills, body positions and why spotting is important
- Plenty of photos and instructions on the arm balances and inversions listed above
- Lift variations + leg variations

PS. Don't forget to check out the bundle deals - have a stretch with Get Bendy & Get Split before getting upside down!


This digital guide is available for immediate download


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