Get Split is everything your lower body needs...

Even if the splits aren't your end goal.

This handy eGuide is broken up into muscle groups.

Glutes, hips, hammies, inner thighs, quads, calves, ankles - everywhere from the waist down.

Get Split is designed to help you with your front, middle and standing splits. 

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Get Split is great for relieving back pain too!

  • If you suffer from lower back pain you're not alone. Almost everyone who spends a lot of time sitting OR standing complains about it. 
  • Why? Because our hip flexors and hamstrings shorten, our glutes switch off and when we stand up our lower back deals with the consequences! 
  • Sound familiar? 
  • Do a quick sit and reach test. 
  • If your hamstrings screamed at you, Get Split might just be your new bestie. 

This digital guide is available for immediate download



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