Get Split is a comprehensive lower body stretching guide designed to improve your flexibility
  • Digital download
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  • Improve flexibility
  • Reduce lower body pain
  • Learn to do the splits
Get Split is everything your lower body needs even if the splits aren't your end goal.

It's great for relieving back pain too! If you suffer from lower back pain you're not alone. Almost everyone who spends a lot of time sitting OR standing complains about it.

Why? Because our hip flexors and hamstrings shorten, our glutes switch off and when we stand up our lower back deals with the consequences!

Sound familiar? Do a quick sit and reach test.
If your hamstrings screamed at you, Get Split might just be what your muscles are craving.

  • Get Split eGuide
    • 26 page digital download
    • Broken up into muscle groups
      • Glutes
      • Hips
      • Hamstrings
      • Inner thighs
      • Quadriceps
      • Calves
      • Ankles
    • Get Split is designed to help you with your front, middle and standing splits
"So good! I recently did my first half Ironman and I had been having trouble with my hip flexors after running. The get split guide helped so much! I love it!" - Keely

"Highly recommend! I bought it as I needed to get my splits for dancing and I’ve nearly got my left/right/middle splits and I follow the guide morning and night." - Natasha

"My best tip for pain relief! Get Split, in combination with Get Bendy, has helped me manage my back pain. I have struggled with severe pain in both my lower and upper back for a number of years, and visit a chiropractor regularly. With help from these guides, I finally have a way to take control of my own life and health. I use the guides a natural part of my daily routine, and to give myself some instant pain relief when I need it the most. This is a gem for everyone struggling with back pain, particularly in the lower back. As a bonus, you might finally be able to get into the splits!" - Sanne

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