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Get Organised is a self paced program designed to help you control what you can, to create space for what you can't.

Learn how to organise your mind, life, and physical space.

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I am SO excited to announce that Get Organised is now available to order!

*Hard copy only*
Digital version available here

Get Organised is a self paced program designed to help you control what you can, to create space for what you can't.

In my Mum's words:
"A course that guides you and enables you to get all aspects of your life together."

After years of experiencing high stress and anxiety I decided to get my sh*t together. I was sick of being overwhelmed by life and wanted more control.

Rather than leaving things up to chance and having to rely on sheer willpower to get things done, I decided to take control with the hope that things would get easier.

I naively thought the process of streamlining and organising my life would take 4-6 weeks… instead it took 12-18 months plus plenty of refining.

Once I had organised absolutely everything I could think of (my mind, life & physical space) I no longer felt like I was battling against time, and every area of my life started to feel much easier.

So, what did I do? I spent the next two years writing about it to help you! 

I realised there was a way to Get (your life) Organised that bypasses years of ‘winging it’ and painful trial and error.

A formula to control what you can, to create space for what you can’t.

The chapters in Get Organised make up this formula - packed with shortcuts for you:


What to expect?

  • 170+ page handbook on how to adult – for ALL ages!
  • Learn how to organise your mind, life, and physical space.
  • Build a strong foundation to cope with surprises.
  • Lighten the load and create more space in life for what you enjoy.
  • Learn how to streamline and automate your everyday life to make things as easy as possible.
  • A chance to get your life on track.
  • More control. Less stress!

A closer look at the chapters:

The most important step. A chance for you to create your own light bulb moment and set the foundation for an organised mind, life, and space.

Take the pressure off your brain and hand over responsibility to paper. Formulated by someone with a terrible memory. In this chapter I share how to create as much space as possible in your mind so you can feel more calm, creative, and relaxed.

Less procrastinating, more time to do whatever you want! Whether it be sleeping, bringing a dream to life, working on a side hustle, or simply finishing an assignment or task earlier than ‘the last minute’. You’ll find all of my productivity tips in this jam-packed chapter. Every lesson will give you an insight into how I run my business and how I managed to complete the mammoth task of Get Organised – I needed every trick in the book.

Establishing healthy habits can be really difficult. In this chapter I will teach you my 7 key steps to make habits stick. I’ll share how I changed my sleep, my finances, and a somewhat flexible habit that helps me spend less money on food and eat at home more often :p.

Money is a huge stress for a lot of people. In the past, it had the power to dictate my mood. Money tight = stressed. Money flowing = happy! This chapter has a big emphasis on automating finances to eliminate any unnecessary stress and how to avoid financial surprises. The goal: set & forget.

Learn about the impact your environment and home can have on your mental health – and then learn how to change it. In this chapter we work from the outside in. This sets up a great platform to work on yourself in the following chapter.

We all have differing schedules so before we jump into routines, I'll teach you how to work out your own 24hr formula. From there we delve into morning, evening, weekly, and monthly routines to squeeze in the important stuff and take the pressure off.

Shipping pricing for one hard copy of Get Organised ($AUD):
*Get Organised is close to 1kg which means international shipping is quite expensive.

Australia $12.50

NZ $18
US & Canada $25
UK, Europe & Rest of world $28


I'm SO excited for you to get stuck into Get Organised and to hear how much easier and less stressful your life becomes.

Your friend, 
Elle :)

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12 Sep 2021
Katie M.
Australia Australia
goodbye stress!

I'm still working through this, however I am already noticing positive changes to my life. I'm prioritising my values, I'm a lot less stressed which is highly beneficial for someone with psoriasis and I'm happier as a result! W(elle) done Elle. Love your work!

09 Sep 2021
Sonya S.
Canada Canada
So helpful and brining me clarity

I read through this once in full and then went back to it to complete the workbook part. It is well-written, thoughtful, fun to complete, and I feel like I am being guided by a friend in my journey to get organised. I highly recommend it!

04 Sep 2021
Australia Australia
Super helpful!

Hey Elle, I’m absolutely loving the Get Organised program! I’ve recently had a lot of growth in my small business in a short amount of time and Get Organised has helped me put some processes and actions into place to feel a little less overwhelmed with the growth. 10/10 would recommend! Thanks Elle :)

26 Aug 2021
Sam N.
United States United States
Do yourself a favour… get it!

I have ADHD. I’m in my fourth and final year of my degree (with an hour and a half commute to class every day), working, living in a quite hectic shared household, & navigating the first years of married life! Get Organised has been life-changing. I cannot believe what I’ve been able to do after going through this program. I’ve cut out the mindless scrolling - dropped my screen time from 5+ hours/day to under an hour most days. I’ve managed to make myself a sanctuary inside my home, something to keep me inspired & calm, focused on what’s to come & what I can control. Let me repeat that - I’ve been FOCUSED. Get Organised kept me engaged with exercises & challenges & was so wonderful start to finish that I’m going through it a second time now to really soak in all the wisdom It’s clear this program was made with so much love and thought & I will cherish it forever (Get the physical copy!!). This is 100% a purchase you will thank yourself for over & over again!

25 Aug 2021
sigourney B.
Australia Australia
Don’t want it to end!

I’m currently up to page 95 of 183 and feeling sad that I’m half way through! I have LOVED the book so far. I’m taking it slow and only reading a few pages at a time so that I really get the most out of it and implement the practical tips as I go. Elle has so much knowledge and wisdom and I’m really grateful she’s sharing it with us. At the start of the book she gets you to write about your ideal life and that was a surprisingly emotional and powerful exercise for me! You won’t regret buying this book. Thanks for making my life clearer and more organised Elle <3

20 Aug 2021
donna d.
United States United States
Brilliant brilliant brilliant!

Firstly the book is absolutely gorgeous! It is a joy to hold and read. I’m choosing to read through it first and then go back and execute. I can already imagine what a lighter and more intention-filled life is going to be like for me. Highly recommend this for any one looking to sort out their life. Elle’s writing is light and inspiring, filled with personal anecdotes and wrapped with her charming sense of humor. Well done Elle!

13 Aug 2021
United States United States
If you are a SAHM, Get Organized is for you too!

First off if you are a stay at home mom buy the hard copy version. Not the digital. Reasons being: 1. Your child will see you reading a real book and not looking at a device. 2. It is high quality paper and I can attest that *most* spills will wipe off. 3. It is easy to chuck down quickly when your small child is about to make a bad decision and not lose your page due to the awesome spiral bound. It won’t close on you wasting the precious 5 seconds you have to get back to your page. Other reasons that Get Organized is great: •Elle doesn’t waste your time with repeating her quotes. She bolds the important moments and moves on. (Honestly, a pet peeve of mine when others just bold a repeated statement) • Elle will make you laugh, and it’s honestly like talking (well reading) with a friend, and we all know as SAHM’s friends and adult convos are hard to come by. On top of all of the great thought and time put into making a quality product, the information inside is amazing, (I haven’t finished it yet) but it inspires you when you read it, it makes you look at how you can streamline your life so that maybe, just maybe, you can get ten minutes to yourself daily! But in all seriousness, I didn’t know if it was going to be useful as a SAHM but it has brought a lot of clarity, new habits, and brought forth conversations that needed to happen with my partner (aka budgeting) that has really truly been beneficial

31 Jul 2021
Meg B.
Australia Australia
Best purchase ever

Hey Elle! I purchased your guide while I was really struggling and it has honestly helped me feel so in control. I’ve just started back at uni for semester 2 doing law and I feel like I can take it on a lot better knowing I have your guide handy. Thanks so much, keep being you :)

12 Jul 2021
Mikayla M.
Australia Australia

So much time and detail had gone into this product and it really shows. I’m so excited to get started. Amazing work Elle!

03 Jul 2021
New Zealand New Zealand
WOW - have only just started

Clearly there I have a lot of work to do to Get Organised. I have only just started, I love the personal touches and they truly make the book so relatable. I am at chapter one and amreally taking this slow to absorb and make the change foundational and so it sticks. will keep you updated on the progress. I am planning to turn into a majic organised controlled woman. The publishing is second to none and is absolutely perfect and worth the price tag for a book 2 years in the making congratulations Elle another program to add to the repertoire of get bendy, get inverted (which I'm too scared to try lol), my journelles and the poster hanger.

29 Jun 2021
Tiana M.
Australia Australia

Words can't describe how helpful this guide has been for me - and I'm not even half way through!! Thank you thank you thank you Elle for creating such an amazing product & sharing with your community xx

28 Jun 2021
Larissa W.
Germany Germany

Haven't worked through all of it yet, but love your approach because it's so down to earth and I'd expect nothing less from Uncle Elle. Reading through certain sections I couldn't help but think about how a lot of coaches would've written certain things in an "american" way that was so over the top and I'm just so so so grateful that you keep it real. You have the same message, but you share it in a normal way and in today's digital coaching world that's not always a given. As per the program so far the thing that stuck most was "Everything has a home.". No matter what I do, I put an item down and it's something seemingly insignificant, I walk out the room to turn straight back thinking "Nuh uh, everything has a home!" and then carry whatever it is to its home. So if the rest of the book is this brilliant (which I know it is cause I skimmed through it), then my life will be running exception-elle-y by the end of this year. THANK YOU! Also took an impromptu cold shower this morning thinking to myself "I can do hard things." You influence my life in the best way possible and I love you for it!

28 Jun 2021
Samantha R.
Portugal Portugal
Get Organised

I absolutely love it!!! Just reading the first 50 pages made me start feeling better about life and gave me a sense of clarity and joy. I loved the spacious design and the quality of the materials you used. It's fresh, inspiring and just a pleasure to read. I feel really lucky to have stumbled upon you on IG all those years ago :D Thank you so much, E! BIG HUG. S.

25 Jun 2021
Brittany R.
United States United States
Get Organised Book

Beautifully organized with great examples, homework/worksheets to utilize, etc. This was a perfect book you can use throughout life if you're feeling "stuck" and need a refresher on organizing your life.

22 Jun 2021
Carrie R.
United States United States
Wonderfully needed

I'm not even finished with Get Organised and it's already helped so much. Cannot wait to finish it up!

13 Jun 2021
Coralee S.
Canada Canada

Everyone needs one! I am only at the start, and everything is so relatable. I can't wait to progress with the help of Get Organised :)

30 May 2021
Megan P.
Australia Australia

Love love LOVEEEE this. I'm only a few chapters in because I am taking my time, but I can already feel a change within my mindset and structure of my routine. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

28 May 2021
Georgia D.
Australia Australia
Get organised

This book is truely amazing. I haven’t even finished it yet but can see so many changes happening already. Thanks so much Elle