Get Organised is a roadmap for creating space. It will help you untangle your life, clear your mind and overhaul your habits so you can swap stress, anxiety and overwhelm for control, clarity and time.
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Lyra M. (Australia)
Amazing book to Get your life Organised!

I didn't start GO for a few months after purchasing, because work life, etc! But now that I have, I finally feel a little bit more free every day. My head is often filled with to-dos and chaos, so this is definitely a game changer for me. I'm still working through it and I'm sure I will come back to it for years to come. Thanks Elle <3

Kerry F.
Daughter’s Getting Organised

Great for all ages :)
After buying for my 50 year old self, it became clear Get Organised is not just a ‘how to’; I bought another copy for my very organised and ambitious go-get-it (and consequently over-loaded) 20 yr old daughter as a tool for refining some things, and as an opportunity to really tick some boxes where she’s already doing many things so well!

Kerry F.
A guide, a confirmer

So easy to read and participate with. Lots of common sense ideas and ways of doing things - sometimes the obvious are the ones we need to be reminded about. But what I love most about "Get Organised" is the way it allows us to see things we are already doing well :)
"Get Organised" is balanced, interactive and something even a 50 year old organised person like me can learn so much from. Be proud of your work, Elle. X

Iulia (Australia)
Worth it!

Just finished my first run through. I was initially hesitant to buy it because of the price, but it really is like a life coach for a fraction of the price. The exercises keep you accountable and each lesson is very digestible and to the point. Even if you have heard of or already attempted some of the many lessons, having them in a well curated and mindfully organised order really helps make them more effective. I have been looking for a simple, yet effective way to organise my to-do list and the way Elle organises hers works really well.
"Self-help" books really do work better as workbooks, so that the exercises are not as easy to skip past. Will definitely be revisiting the program on a regular basis.

Lauren D.
Get Organised is a life saver

From the moment I received GO, I immediately felt calmer. Although I will admit I have not finished it yet, the bits I have done have already shifted my life in so many helpful ways.
I have my own company, and run an Airbnb so I'm pretty maxed out on time, getting things done, and pretty much always feel overwhelmed. The work is never ending.
GO has helped me prioritise things better, sort out my physical environment around me and shown me ways to keep my mind from spinning out of control. I feel more at ease, and trust myself more now!
I'm so grateful for this course, and for (Uncle) Elle :P
If you're questioning whether or not to do it, do it. I wish I had bought it sooner!

Sophie C. (Australia)
Beautiful Helpful, just reading it makes you feel more organised!

*perfect size/paper weight/bound- even my husband commented how handy it was that it’s bound and can be easily held in your lap.
* able to be read and re-read! I’ve kept a separate exercise book with my own answers knowing I’ll want to revisit this a lot!
* creates a great perspective and helps understand what is important
*helped me focus on action steps to actually get my self sorted & Organised rather than doing my usual complete half a task and get distracted by some other project!
*more insightful and thoughtful than a regular “how to tick a to do list” organiser.
*helped me understand what MY priorities are and realise what I’d been wasting time on instead.

Grace Z. (Australia)
A life raft

Get Organised gave me a life raft when I felt overwhelmed and exhausted from 5 years studying.
For anyone that loves a process (which lots of uni students do) it is perfect with added touches of time to reflect and look inwards in a non wanky self-helpy kind of way.
If I hadn’t completed the guide when I did, no way would I have realised what I wanted out of a workplace and more importantly a lifestyle post graduation.
Thanks Elle x

Tianna (Australia)
Like a big sisters advice

This program truly is incredible! The way Elle explains things step by step and includes her own personal story makes you not feel so alone in not having everything together. I’m a nurse and it really helped me to structure my time and develop my habits when working some weird hours on different shifts. Organising all of your finances can be a daunting task to tackle but it feels like you’ve got Elle by your side the whole time and once you get it done the mental load off your mind is unreal - couldn’t recommend it more!

Sharai H. (Australia)
Treat yourself

Iv worked through Get Organised and finished it, but then life suddenly flipped the script and I lost track and now I'm going to work through it again. That's how great it is, you can always go back to it and refine what you've worked through! There is always room for self improvement😊

Sophie (New Zealand)
Repeat every year or life change

Lots of these tools I knew but had let slide so was a great refresh and reminder to go through. My favourite section was the how do I want my life to look, going into each aspect including clearing out your car which was the one area that I just wasn’t paying attention and then do a big overhaul 😂 small changes make a big difference. Elle reached out to ask how I found GO and it reminded me that going back through the course has so much more to gain from it and am in a totally different phase of life that needs focus and strategies that I didn’t need last time but do now. Thanks heaps for actually caring Elle 🥰

What is Get Organised?

Are you feeling like maybe you missed the class on 'How to Function as an Adult'?

Many of us enter adulthood without a clue of what to do. In other words, we’re winging it. Soon enough, life moves faster and everything becomes harder. Our minds begin to race, our weekends fill with life admin and our jaws become permanently clenched.

So what’s the antidote to this modern life? It’s simple: we need to focus on what we can control, so we have more space to deal with the things we can’t control.

When we learn to do this, we have time to take a breath, we feel more in control and we experience less stress. We can finally become the best version of ourselves. 

Get Organised is designed to take you there. It’s the complete framework that untangled each area of my life, so I could think, work and feel better — now I’m sharing it with you in this highly practical and actionable self-paced program.

From freeing up space in your brain, to breaking bad habits & building new ones, to tidying your environment, to becoming that productive person who can avoid distractions and seems to have more hours in the day than everyone else. We cover (and achieve) it all. 

Who is it for?

Life stops for nothing. Not even a quick Instagram scroll. Every day, we have one million (and one) things to do, feel and think. It’s no wonder that we feel rushed, anxious, frazzled, behind, unbalanced and overwhelmed. 

I often get asked “can this program help someone like me?”. If you’re nodding your head to the below, it’s a big YES.

• You need an extra 8 hours a day
• You lose sleep thanks to your racing mind
• You wish you could hit pause to get your life on track
• You’re always chasing your tail at work and home
• Your to-do list doesn't appear to be getting smaller
• You’re forever in need of a holiday to *magically* solve your problems

How would it feel to...

• Free up so much space in your mind that you no longer feel overwhelmed, indecisive or forgetful

• Be your most productive self and create more FREE time

• Have habits finally stick - not just for a few months, but life-long habits that allow you to be the person you would love to be

• Streamline every task that doesn't require your manual input

• Automate your finances so you no longer have stressful surprises

• Learn how to make your environment work for you

• Create effortless routines that allow you to rely less on willpower

I can tell you now, it feels incredible and Get Organised will help you with all of it.

What's inside?

Small wins motivate us to tackle the big, scary stuff. So, Get Organised is designed with this in mind: first we action the simple things that make us feel better instantly, before moving onto the bigger, more complex topics.

Get Organised is extremely actionable and you'll be able to apply things instantly, even if you're completely pressed for time.

Here's what you'll learn:

Through reflection activities and in-depth worksheets, you’ll design your ideal life — even if you don’t quite know what that is yet. Dreaming (and building) a crystal clear vision starts with you, but I’m here to help you on your way.

In just five lessons, you’ll go from overwhelmed, stressed and forgetful to calm, prepared, and relaxed. How? By taking the pressure off your brain and hand-balling the responsibility over to paper.

Forever leaving things until the last minute, or swear you don’t have as many hours in the day? Whether you’re a student, parent or serial procrastinator, Get Productive is jam-packed with my go-to productivity strategies for life and business too!

Between exercise, making our own meals and getting to bed at a reasonable time, adulting can be a full-time job. But what if everyday life didn’t require so much structure and discipline? Here, you’ll walk away with the 7 key steps to finding the best habits for you — and then set them for life.

Here you’ll learn (and implement) my biggest hack for saving time and freeing yourself from financial stress. Thanks to automation, you’ll finally avoid unwelcome surprises, approach bills with a 'set & forget' mentality and reduce annoying life admin.

Ever noticed how in control you feel when you make your bed, or how cleansed you feel when you clean your home? Let's expand that feeling across your entire life. Your surroundings are directly linked to your mental health, and by creating outer order, we'll achieve inner order, too.

First, I’ll help you find your own foolproof 24hr formula, before you put it into action with life-changing results. Imagine having more than enough time in the day, productive work days and a full cup, all of the time? It all comes down to your morning, evening, weekly and monthly routines.

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Hey, I'm Elle

And I’ve always been intrigued with how things work.

As a kid, I was the one constantly asking “why?”. As an adult, this curious trait helped me to solve some complex health conditions (scoliosis and chronic fatigue).

Stress was a constant, yet out of everything, it was my ‘everyday’ life causing me the most anxiety — I felt like I was never taught how to ‘adult’ and struggled to keep up.

So for the next two years, I streamlined, organised and took control of my life. Then I compiled everything I learned and created Get Organised, so you have an express route to where I am today.

A life with far less stress & anxiety, and more time, space, clarity, control, peace & joy.


Don’t let the title fool you: this isn’t pages and pages of organisation tips — it will help you automate and manage every area of your life. How are your stress levels? How do you cope with curveballs? If you could improve, Get Organised is for you.

Well it sounds like you’re the perfect student. Get Organised is designed to help you gain control over your life and steal back hours in the day as quickly as possible. If you’re really ready for a positive change, you’ll find the time to start.

I recommend getting the hard copy. Get Organised is specifically and purposefully designed to be a physical workbook that you can hold, highlight & revisit for years to come.

With over 170 pages, the ring binding was chosen so you can lay the workbook completely flat & write in it with ease. To my left handers, I've made sure it's still easy for you too!

The paper is very high quality so you can write and highlight without ink bleeding through.

The digital version exists as an option for those who live overseas and would prefer to save on shipping or anyone who is hoping to keep their personal belongings to a minimum and would rather digital access.

This is completely up to you.

"I revisit this book every week, I devoured it instantly and now I go back weekly and implement something new." - Cara

"I have LOVED the book so far. I’m taking it slow and only reading a few pages at a time so that I really get the most out of it and implement the practical tips as I go." - Sigourney

"I’m choosing to read through it first and then go back and execute. I can already imagine what a lighter and more intention-filled life is going to be like for me." - Donna

Absolutely. Get Organised is for everyone and I specifically kept you in mind whilst putting the program together.

A common concern for shift workers is the topic of routines. We cover this in 07. Get Yourself Sorted. Before we tackle routines I help you find your own foolproof 24hr formula. As a shift worker your 'timing' of mornings and evenings might be different but the actions will be the same.

Eg. If you work 7pm-7am, your 'morning routine' may start in the afternoon and your 'night time / before bed routine' may start when you get home from work.

Sure do, you are welcome to use Afterpay.