We all know we should stretch more. But how do we make it easier? The trick is forming a healthy habit!

Here are my 6 easy steps to making stretching (with Get Bendy) a habit.

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1. Why?

Working out your 'why' will give you a reason and direction. Decide why making stretching a habit is important to you.

My why? To live pain free. If I neglect to stretch, my scoliosis lets me know about it! Pain stops me from doing the things I love and it also has the power to completely dictate my mood. Making stretching a habit is a proactive way to look after my back and make time for myself. It also gives me a chance to wind down and switch off. Even if only for 10 mins. 

Feeling stuck? Here's a list of why others use Get Bendy:

  • Mental health
    • A chance to slow down
    • Clear & calm the mind
    • Relieve stress & anxiety
    • Meditation - mentally & physically
    • Release trapped energy / emotions
    • To take a moment for myself
    • Relax
  • Physical health
    • Improve flexibility
    • Pain relief / less pain
    • Recovery after working out / sport
    • Release tension & tight muscles
    • To wind down & get a better sleep
    • To remind myself that my body is worth spending time with

2. Make it easy!

Make it easy, obvious, attractive and convenient! Fortunately I've done all of the hard work for you and created the ridiculously good looking Get Bendy stretching poster. All you need to do is hang it up (with our beautiful & easy-to-assemble poster hangers of course) and create a peaceful space to follow it.

Hot tip: leave a mat rolled out if you can. We want to eliminate as many hurdles as possible. The more obvious & convenient the better! Here are my favourite mats which basically double as a rug / magic carpet 😍.

3. Repetition.

Decide how often you're going to stretch and commit to a time frame to establish your habit - I suggest one month. 

  • NEWBIES listen up - be realistic. If you found yourself declaring 'I'M GOING TO STRETCH EVERY DAY!' but you haven't stretched once in the past 5 years... I suggest committing to ONCE per week to start. Trust me. It comes around quickly AND I want you to succeed. Don't overwhelm yourself.
    • For example: commit to stretching every Sunday for one month. Once you have achieved that goal, take time to review it and decide whether you'd like to increase the amount or stick with that.
  • If you're already familiar with stretching, a realistic goal for you might be 3-5 times a week. Again, pick something achievable with your schedule.
  • If you're an all or nothing kind of person and want to dive in the deep end, commit to one month of stretching daily. To make it realistic set yourself a minimum time eg. at least 10 mins a day. Take it easy and be gentle. It is normal to be a bit sore after stretching if you haven't done it in a while. If you find this too much, alter your goal to a few times a week and continue!

4. When?

Decide when you're going to stretch. If you have no idea when feels best, trial different times. eg. in the morning, before bed, after a workout, on a lunch break.

Personally I prefer to stretch when I'm nice and warm. Either after a workout or towards the end of the day.

If you want to know when others Get Bendy, I have polled this on multiple occasions. It's pretty much exactly 50:50 for AM vs PM. Find what works best for you. 

5. Accountability.

  • Print our free accountability chart Get a Gold Star and keep track of your progress.
  • Get an accountability buddy - a friend, housemate, partner or family member. 
  • Declare your goal on social media and upload a photo or video to keep yourself accountable. 

6. Review.

After your allocated time period is up it's time to review.

  • How did you go?
  • How do you feel?
  • Do you feel your goal was realistic?
  • Would you like to increase or decrease the frequency?
  • Does your stretching habit feel automatic?

*Extra tips*

  • Before you begin, set yourself a reward! This can help you stay motivated 😁✨
    • eg. If I stretch 3x a week for a month I'll treat myself to a new yoga mat.
  • Multi task if you're pressed for time. Stretching can be a beautiful time to wind down but if you're struggling to find hours in your day, try stretching whilst watching TV or listening to a podcast. 

A quick overview:

  1. Find your why
  2. Make it easy & convenient
  3. Repetition!
  4. Decide when you'll stretch
  5. Accountability
  6. Review 🎉

I hope these tips can help you create a healthy stretching habit! If you have any other hot tips please leave a comment below for others to see!

I'd love to be your accountability buddy so please upload a photo or video to Instagram and tag @elle_fit so I can follow your progress and be your cheerleader.

Have fun and enjoy making time for yourself, you deserve it! 

Elle :) 

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