The reason I started stretching in 2013 was to hopefully relieve my chronic back pain due to my unmanaged scoliosis - which has been incredibly effective. I couldn't afford daily yoga classes so I began stretching at home. This is where Elle Fit Active was born and it absolutely warms my heart to hear from people like Roxy on the other side of the world in England who have found the stretches in my Get Bendy & Get Split guides to help. Roxy was taking 12 pain killers a day for her lower back pain. Read her inspiring story...

"Ok so firstly I want to say a big thank to the wonderful @elle_fit I cannot thank you enough.

I bought your guides only two days ago and I seriously cannot express how much better I feel. I also really enjoy your guides as I tend to get bored easily ha. I have been doing the Get Bendy and Get Split guides an hour in the morning/afternoon and a couple at bed time, the feeling I get from the stretches is wonderful, such a positive feeling.

For anyone who suffers with depression, anxiety or lower back pain and you want these guides I must say 100% you will not be unhappy. My lower back pain started when I was 18, having a breakdown at the time and suffering with anxiety. The back pain makes me so tense and I struggle with work. I hate to say I take a lot of painkillers, but I was taking 12 a day, they are my life line, well I think it's in my head now. Yesterday I didn't take any. A massive deal for me. Doing these guides I'm a lot more relaxed and let a lot of things go.

I know it's only been two days, but I swear not one tablet. Also the the ladies I work with are happy as I haven't moaned once of my lower back pain. I'm sure I'll have bad days but I'd say theses guides are helping me a lot. I would like to share this with people who are relying on pain killers for their back - working with the Get Bendy & Get Split guides will help you feel a whole lot different.

These guides have eased a lot of tension in just two days, I seem like a different person. I can't wait to see what my future holds, if I'm feeling like this after two days, just think what I'll be like by next year. Hopefully a lot like where you're at with your flexibility and no more painkillers.

I cannot thank you enough and again you don't know how much you have helped me, a great inspiration.

Love @missyscott86"

Thank you so much for sharing your story Roxy! I hope this can inspire others who are relying on pain medication to take some time out to connect and stretch. Who knows what the future holds for you. Hopefully a pain free one!

Elle :)

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