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Review by Em at Spoon + Savasana

I’ve never been blessed with the flexibility of a floor gymnast (just ask my Year 8 gymnastics coach….there was a reason I was suited to vault…all shoulders and no grace), however, after discovering yoga 2 years ago, I’ve quickly come to the conclusion that flexibility isn’t just reserved for the long limbed beauties of Instagram.

It only took three weeks of daily yoga practice, an hour and a half each, at my local yoga studio last year to start feeling the release – my muscles finally loosening and stretching. That little feeling of triumph. Unfortunately, not long after that, I resigned from my job, moved to a small country town with no studio, and yoga fell by the wayside…

Fast forward a year, and I’m still all tight muscles and an angsty mind. A lot of my job entails being seated, so I’m now getting to the point where my hamstrings and lower back are giving me grief on a daily basis. I know the solution and I need to commit to it – stretching and regular yoga (which, even though I follow a bevy of yogis on Instagram, am still trying to muster the courage (?) to get on that mat).

Elle Fit Active's stretching guides are a beautiful, affordable and dummy-friendly introduction and progression to coveted flexibility. Get Bendy is something I’ve owned for a while, and have just recently really committed myself to utilising. Elle’s own personal journey with scoliosis in itself garners much respect, but the benefits of stretching and yoga have far proven themselves as a beautiful remedy, for Elle herself, and her many followers that swear by her guides. From her stunning Instagram (@ellefitactive  & @elle_fit) pages of daily yogi positions and an insight into the different types of yoga training she is pursuing, and her endearing quirky personality (not to mention her gorgeous dog Klaus that makes a regular appearance) draws you to her even more. Recently, Elle has also released Get Inverted and Get Split, both of which I intend to master (scorpion pose…you will be mine one day!) in the near future.

If you’re looking for something to push you in the right direction to extend your practice, relieve stress or anxiety and give your body some love, get stretching with Elle. Highly recommended.

Em. x 

Thank you for the lovely write up Em!
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