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I've been using Get Bendy for about a year now and although I don't have all the cool bendy moves to show for it, I do have a lot less pain. I broke my back almost 2 years ago and as a result have 3 vertebrae screwed together so as you can imagine I'm not the most flexible person in the world. I've been using Elle's guide mainly for my legs because as she taught me, stretching out the hammies and butt makes a HUGE difference to the level of tension in your back. 

Emma Carey, @em_carey

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In a way, I hate the Get Bendy guide and wish I had never stumbled upon your instagram account and therefore your guide. Because of you I now have to face daily problems. Since I have started using the guide, I want to use it all the time. I want to roll out my yoga mat and just start stretching whenever I’ve been sitting too long (which is often because I am a journalism student, studying and writing every day). Stretching clears my head, relaxes my body, soothes my lower back stiffness and generally makes me feel great about myself. It's like an addiction. Ugh, how dare I be so self-centered?

Sophie, @blue.terrapin

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I just wanted to thank you for creating your guides. I started my fitness journey last year and after each workout I used to stretch a little, but I realized that the information I got online wasn't enough and I needed to work on more muscles than just my quads and hamstrings. Plus, everything I found were long explanations about how to hold 4 simple stretches. I am from Spain and not being 100% fluent in English is kind of a problem when it comes to specific vocabulary. Fortunately I found your Instagram account and decided to buy Get Bendy!

Lara, @bikinibodydiary

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As a travelling qualified Naturopath, living in an old caravan, road tripping around Australia, I am often in complete isolation with no access to a supermarket let alone a yoga studio. The Get Bendy poster guide, in which I have been using religiously on a daily basis for over a year now, allows me to continue my daily yoga practice no matter where I am. Elle's Get Bendy poster makes it not only easy, but simply possible to enjoy a guided sequence of fundemental stretches. The fact that it is in poster format is even more awesome.

Tiarni, @soulharmonynaturopathy

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The last year of my life I've spent following a ton of people's yoga journeys on Instagram, but was never finding the time to start my own yoga journey. I thought my body was incapable of doing so many of these things. One of the pages I was following that stood out the most to me was elle_fit. Once I read that she was capable of doing all of these movements with scoliosis, I was absolutely inspired by her. I bought Elle's, "Get Bendy," guide February 2015 and I could not be more impressed with my results already, and this is just the start of my journey!

Kaitlin Paul-Hus, @kaitkat143

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Hi Elle, Like you I also have scoliosis, so that was the main reason why I got your Get Bendy guide almost year ago. I feel so much better after every Bendy session :). My back doesn't hurt so often and of course my flexibility has improved a lot. I also bought your Get Split so I am looking forward to get the splits one day. My hamstring are quite tight so I hope your guide will help with this too :).

Klára, Czech Republic

Hi Elle and Klaus! Somehow I stumbled upon your Instagram account and really find you to be an inspiration as I learn more about your fitness journey. I am a college student who had a devastating injury to my knee this Winter that has permanently put me out of the game. I turned to yoga to keep me active, and your story has really helped me cope, as it is very difficult to have a physical disability hold you back. Your yoga teachings and "Get Bendy" really helped me recuperate more than the extensive physical therapy I went through. Just wanted to share the love from the US and to keep up the good stuff!!


Hello Elle! I started yoga 3 months ago and I came across your Instagram page a few weeks changed my life!! I am an avid user of Get Bendy pre yoga classes and also pre run (10km plus). Muscle pain and fatigue has decreased a lot! Thanks for the easy guides and introducing Get Split too! Hoping to see Get Inverted soon ;)

Intisar Abdul-Kader, @Intysar

I would be lost without your 'Get Bendy'. Stretching all the time has been keeping my anxiety levels at bay. I don't always do all of them at once, I do the ones I feel I need at the time of the stretch. Some days I wake up and only do the arm and neck ones, then after breakfast or after I've been sitting at uni for a couple of hours, I'll do the leg ones. Best and cheapest form of anxiety relief I've ever purchased. A good stretch calms my over thinking mind and breathing. Thank you spunky :) from someone who's suffered anxiety for over 10 years.


Your guide has been incredibly helpful and extremely user friendly. I'm so glad I decided to download it! After loosing over 80 lbs, I've been working on my flexibility and building up muscle strength and I've really come to love the combination of running and yoga. Your guide has been a great starting point for someone that's never taken a yoga class before. I've seen the biggest improvement in my shoulders and lower back. It's actually pretty funny to see some of the reactions from other guys at the gym when I go from standing, into a back bend and onto my forearms.

Anthony, @fuscoa23

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