Stretch MORE, stress LESS!

Get Bendy is your go-to guide to help relieve back pain, improve overall flexibility, manage stress, reduce anxiety and is a great alternative to pain killers.

Bend your body back to shape

The stretches in Get Bendy are designed to target the entire body. If you spend the majority of your day at a desk, in a car, studying, or on your feet, your body will be screaming for a break – time for a stretch!

Get Bendy is helpful for people at all ability levels, whether you’re a tin man or an elastic band. A looser body and calmer mind will complement and improve everything you do: sport, gym, yoga, life.

What's inside?

- Brand NEW flowing sequence to get your whole body bendy

- OVER 60 PAGES of content

- The FULL Get Bendy sequence followed by a detailed break down

- Photos & instructions for everything!

- Lots of FUN FACTS that answer all of your stretching questions

- Tips for pain free posture at the desk

- EXPRESS SESSIONS to keep in mind when you're pressed for time
    - Lower back pain
    - Upper body pain
    - Anxiety & stress

For a more detailed list on what has changed since the first edition of Get Bendy click here :) PS. It's completely new!

A few stretches every day can make a huge difference in your overall quality of life.

Access Get Bendy on your phone, tablet or laptop – anywhere!

Get Bendy is also available as a POSTER.


This digital guide is available for immediate download


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