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Stretch at your own pace, in your own space!

Get Bendy is a stretching poster designed to empower you to take care of yourself. 

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with scoliosis which led to chronic back pain in my early 20s. I needed a way to not only relieve pain but something I could have by my side for the rest of my life. Stretching was the answer but I needed an easy and affordable solution, so I created Get Bendy.

Get Bendy is your guide to pain relief, stress relief, better sleep, better posture, and a more flexible body. It’s something to do while you listen to a playlist or a podcast or simply your innermost thoughts. Your daily reminder to prioritise your mind and body, if only for a few minutes.

What's included:

  • The Get Bendy A1 stretching poster delivered to your door
  • A complementary digital Get Bendy eGuide delivered straight to your inbox with all of the instructions and information you'll need

Ahh-mazing! I have been using Get Bendy for over six months now and it is the best thing ever. Not only has it helped cure my back pain but it is such a great guide when you just need to relax! I regularly use Get Bendy before bed and it is perfect to wind down!” - Olivia

Stress relief at its finest! I've been using Get Bendy for a while now and it's one of the only things that's not only improved my flexibility but has also helped calm my mind at the same time. Would highly recommend!” - Ally

Simply perfect. If you always have the intention to stretch more or do yoga but never actually stretch or do yoga then this is perfect. It’s aesthetic, it’s accessible and it’s in your face so you can’t forget to do it. Yes we bloody luv it.” - Genevieve


You deserve to feel good! Let's make that happen. 


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Stretch at your own pace, in your own space!

At 14, I was diagnosed with scoliosis which led to chronic back pain in my early 20s. I needed a way to relieve pain and wanted something I could have by my side for the rest of my life. Stretching was the answer but I needed an easy and affordable solution, so I created Get Bendy.

Get Bendy is your guide to pain relief, stress relief, better sleep, better posture, and a more flexible body. It’s something to do while you listen to a playlist or a podcast or simply your innermost thoughts. It's your daily reminder to prioritise your mind and body, if only for a few minutes.

What's included

  • Get Bendy stretching poster
    • A1 poster - dimensions 594 x 841mm
    • Printed on 200GSM poster paper with a matte, smooth, silky finish - no laminating required
    • Created, printed & packed with love in Australia
  • Get Bendy eGuide
    • 63 page digital download
    • Detailed instructions to guide you through the full sequence
    • Answers to all of your stretching questions
    • Tips for pain free posture at the desk
    • Express sessions for when you're pressed for time

    Displaying your poster

    We recommend our beautiful and easy to assemble poster hangers.


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    18 Apr 2022
    Rebecca F.


    Get bendy is such a great tool that allows me to do a guided stretch at home without having to look at a screen at the same time. With so many things on screens at the moment I love having something I can go to to disconnect and wind down from the day!

    11 Apr 2022
    Amelia C.
    Australia Australia

    Get Bendy is a must!

    Get Bendy is a must! I’m a nurse so I’m on my feet all the time and I’ve also got minor scoliosis so between the 2 my backs fairly cooked BUT Get Bendy has improved my posture and pain so so much Thank you, you’re an absolute gem ✨

    11 Apr 2022
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Great way to disconnect!

    I’ve used Get Bendy for a few years now, it’s good to have there when I feel like I need to take a few moments to stop and focus on my breath and easy movement, especially nice after a busy day of work or at the end of a big running week!! It’s easy to follow whether you just want to focus on one area or go through the whole poster

    31 Mar 2022
    Ella M.
    Australia Australia

    The therapy you didn't know you needed!

    I am so in love with this program. I never knew that both my body and my mind could feel this weightless. Thank you so much Elle!

    30 Mar 2022
    Marci L.
    United States United States

    Great Product!

    Love this as a guide for a stretch at home!! Very thorough and looks lovely on my wall! Thanks for the great guide!

    23 Mar 2022
    Australia Australia


    This guide helped myself and my partner overcome some pretty annoying back pain and helped remind me to relax and take some time for myself. An amazing guide for anyone who needs help taking some time for themselves and helping their body feel better :)

    17 Mar 2022
    Nathalie G.
    Switzerland Switzerland

    Bringing such peace to mind!

    I got Elle’s Get Bendy poster just as covid hit and it’s honestly been a lifesaver! Especially on those days where you’re feeling like your cup is already full, having such a wonderful stretching guide helped me get out of my mind and reconnect with my body in such a peaceful way. Elle has been so helpful and lovely also when I’ve been considering getting her Get Organised guidebook, there’s no doubt that this is where her passion lies and her compassion and care really shows through! Can’t wait to get stuck in and re-establish my sense of stability and control in my life!

    04 Feb 2022
    United States United States

    10/10 would recommend!

    I originally got Get Bendy back in 2015 to use before I had kids. But after having my first child five years ago, I learned how valuable this guide was to me. Holding and rocking a baby who never liked to be put down really took a toll on my back, shoulders, neck, and arms. Going through Get Bendy each night was something that helped me to feel relief in these areas, and gave me a little sense of calm after a hectic day. Now with two kids, and much less holding and rocking, I still enjoy using Get Bendy each night. And my little ones now join in on the stretches : ) I love how you can tailor this guide to fit your individual needs by holding certain stretches longer to focus on certain areas. It's also easy to incorporate into my day when I have little time to spare, since I can do as much or as little as I want. I have the e-guide, and being able to take it anywhere and access it on my phone or ipad is so convenient! But when I have a perfect spot for it, I am definitely purchasing the poster to keep up permanently!

    03 Feb 2022
    Australia Australia

    Loooove Get Bendy

    Get Bendy is so convenient. I hang it on my bedroom door. The fact the poster right there ready to go makes it less likely to miss the wind down time in your daily routine. I procrastinated buying it for a while, now I’ve had it for over a year and use it every day. Love It x

    03 Feb 2022
    Niamh H.
    Ireland Ireland

    firm fave

    i’ve had my get bendy poster for almost 5 years now and the sequence of stretches is always so great to come back to. the sequence hits pretty much every part of your body and you’re left feeling limber and calm at the end. highly recommend ❤️

    03 Feb 2022
    Australia Australia

    Always there for me

    Get Bendy is always on show in my home and is there for me at all times even when I don’t feel like moving my body. It is so easy to follow and I feel overcome with relaxation and happiness when I start my flow.

    03 Feb 2022
    Australia Australia

    Relaxing wind down before bed

    I love this poster so much. I framed it and have it sitting on a table in my bedroom, next to a diffuser and some dried flowers. It’s my favourite little shrine of beautiful things. I love to go through a combination of the more restful stretches before I hop into bed as a wind down, and choose some of the more active movements for when I first get out of bed (a lot of them I do in bed too). It the perfect bookend to my day. Restful start, mindful finish.

    03 Feb 2022
    Australia Australia

    Just buy it already, it’s so worth it

    Whether you purchase the electronic version or the poster (which with a hanger or foam board is), it’s such a great program. Easy to follow, quick to do, and the lady who created it is pretty great herself. Thanks Uncle Elle for creating Get Bendy to help me do just that every day (happily and easily!)

    03 Feb 2022

    Back and mood fixer

    I bought the poster years ago and I still love it. We keep it in our livingroom, sometimes my husband (who doesnt like to strech) uses it too. I have an office job so from time to time my body (mainly my back) just feels all ****** from sitting to much, then this helps. And sometimes if Im in a bad mood it also helps to do the stretches and I'll feel better. As a plus the design is really nice so it looks good as decor too

    03 Feb 2022
    Australia Australia

    My fave wall art

    Since purchasing get bendy I have become so consistent with stretching. I love that you can do the whole chart as a flow or pick whatever your body feels it needs and do a quick stretch. And the design / aesthetics is fabulous! Thank you Elle :)

    03 Feb 2022
    Australia Australia

    Aesthetic & Helpful

    Love how aesthetically pleasing the poster & hanger is. The moves help with overall mood in the morning, creating a healthy mind space, great to do on a rainy day and have aided in alleviating my shoulder pain. 10/10 would recommend.

    27 Nov 2021
    Alexa L.
    United States United States

    Time to breathe!

    If it were anyone other than Elle, I wouldn’t purchase a physical copy of a poster of yoga poses. But this is so much more. It is so nice to set up your little corner of peace with a poster and some plants, be able to just breathe and go through the routine of each stretch. I mean yeah you make an investment in your health, but aside from doing it out of self love, you’re making an investment in your home decor am I RIGHT, thanks for all you do Elle!!!

    18 Nov 2021
    Tashina G.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Grateful from Aotearoa!

    I love everything about this bundle. I have a digital copy that can go with me wherever I go in this wild world and I have a poster in a frame (good ol Kmart delivery in lockdown) that I’m able to move around my limited space and is a great constant reminder to slow down! I appreciate this wonderful idea, thanks Elle!

    18 Oct 2021
    Victoria H.
    Australia Australia

    Get Bendy Poster

    I absolutely love my get bendy poster, it has got me moving my body more and in ways that I usually wouldn’t. After regular use I’ve noticed my flexibility improve tremendously and mild back pain I had and general body stiffness is gone!

    13 Oct 2021
    Australia Australia

    Highly recommend

    As someone who exercises a lot but is terrible at prioritising stretching get bendy was exactly what I needed. Having something I can easily follow along away from my screen has been incredible. Highly recommend!