Dom's Story - Get Bendy Progress Of An Office Worker

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Let's talk about stretching.

So I restarted BBG (Kayla Itsines Bikini Body program) 4 weeks ago, and with that I made a promise to myself to stretch using @elle_fit's Get Bendy and Get Split guides, at least once a week, if not more.

I have an office job, where I sit at my desk for almost 8 hours a day. This has a huge effect on my neck and lower back.

When I started BBG, and took my before pictures, I noticed how skew my back was... And now after 4 weeks of making a conscious effort to stretch at least once a week, my back and posture have improved SO much! Not only that, but stretching helps me relax, and feel more in tune with my body. It not only has been good for me physically but mentally too!

The difference between these two pictures may not seem insane, but when I saw it, I was pretty amazed at how much my back has straightened out.

In both of these pictures I am making a conscious effort to stand with good posture.


Thanks so much for sharing Dom. If you know anyone who know suffers from back pain please forward them this post.

Elle x


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