The Downfalls Of Get Bendy ;)

In a way, I hate the Get Bendy guide and wish I had never stumbled upon your Instagram account and therefore your guide.

Because of you I now have to face daily problems.

Since I have started using the guide, I want to use it all the time. I want to roll out my yoga mat and just start stretching whenever I’ve been sitting too long (which is often because I am a journalism student, studying and writing every day). Stretching clears my head, relaxes my body, soothes my lower back stiffness and generally makes me feel great about myself. It's like an addiction. Ugh, how dare I be so self-centered?

Because of Get Bendy, I have become very selfish. Why? Because I choose to arrange some time in the day to do my stretching. Instead of studying into the late hours of night, or watching a film with my housemates, I now lay down on my mat and enjoy a good stretching session whilst listening to my music or some books (Harry Potter audiobooks may be involved…)

How dare I, in a world where hard work and sleepless nights seem to be the basic routine for students, actually be able to take some time just for me?

Because of you, Elle, I've changed my lifestyle. I have started to 'be active’. I’m watching my diet, I'm doing Zumba, LBT, Pilates weekly, and I'm generally trying to watch my sleep. And I stretch every day. I’m less stressed, I feel good and I'm actively looking for a cute bikini without thinking about my little ‘extras’. And that’s not because of you, it's thanks to you.

Thank you. Thank you for motivating me, in the gentlest of ways, to kick my butt. Thank you for helping me get bendy.

- Sophie