How Stretching Helped My Anxiety And Endometriosis

Words from @naturalhealthgeek :)

Hey fellow Elle Fit Active lovers,

I have been following @elle_fit for a really long time and finally motivated myself enough to buy @elle_fit's 'Get Bendy' yoga guide. The reasons I bought it was because I've really wanted to try yoga and it's affordable - I'm a uni student and don't have the money to pay for really expensive yoga classes. I also liked that I didn't have to do these stretches in front of anyone else, as a beginner I think that's really important so you aren't comparing yourself to others and you can pick the music you want (or maybe that's just me hehe).

After doing her guide once I've become addicted and have done it almost every day since. @elle_fit recommended one of her blogs 'How to make your yoga practice more peaceful' on my first day and it really helped me to be patient and not judge myself during the session.

To give you a bit of background on me, I suffer from anxiety, severe endometriosis and chronic constipation (due to all the pain medication and unhealthy eating habits). My anxiety plagued me every day, especially before bed, I'd stay up torturing myself about things I'd said or done and wouldn't get to sleep for so long. It would get to the point where I'd be holding my head in my hands trying to physically block out my thoughts.

Since doing @elle_fit's guide before bed at night I can sleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow, I hear myself saying to my friends that 'I'm totally blissed out' after my yoga session with @elle_fit. I still struggle with my anxiety during the day but not to the extent that I used to.  

I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis a few years ago and have had to take heavy pain medication for a long time. I've had two surgeries to remove the endometriosis (though it's only a matter of time till it grows back) and doctors have told me that the only way to make the pain subside is to take the pill, get an IUD or take pain medication. My pain got to the point where I had to take medication to get out of bed and even with that at times walking hurt so much I was actually limping.

I was so shocked this time to find that my pain had reduced so much I didn't take half as much pain medication as I usually do. I'm not saying that this is a cure for everyone or that medicine is bad. I'm just saying that literally the only thing that has changed in my life is doing @elle_fit's guide on an almost daily basis and it works for me.

As I didn't take as much pain medication this time my chronic constipation wasn't as horrible as it usually is and yoga also has helped with aiding my digestion. I am so grateful to @elle_fit for making an easy, affordable and relaxing guide. Introducing half an hour of relaxing yoga before bed has changed my life is so many ways. Anyway, thanks for reading. It's really hard to share my story but if it inspires at least one person to buy @elle_fit's guides and give it a go themselves it will be totally worth it.  

Love from,



Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your experience. If you know anyone in a similar position, please share this blog with them. Stress can cause so many problems in our physical body and we need to look after ourselves.

Lots of love, Elle x