Sitting at the airport waiting for my connecting flight to Sri Lanka and feeling exceptionally calm and content. It's just a surfboard (or 2), a small backpack and me for the next 4+ weeks.

Excited to see where the wind takes me after I kick things off with a week at Talalla Wellness Retreat. Healthy meals, yoga, pilates, boxilates, surfing, postural & health consult, guided meditations and writing exercises, safari to see my kindred spirit the elle_phant, cooking classes, and massage. Yeaaah I think the top of my head blew off visualising all of these things.

I sent Mum a snap of the above journal entry and she said Mt Eliza (in Victoria, Australia) is where Dad got my name from. He also got his first bestie 'Ellie' the Cocker Spaniel from Mt Eliza (I have heard about Ellie before and thought she was a Golden Retriever this whole time - disappointed). AND guess what, Ellie would sit on the board whilst Dad windsurfed around that area. Think that explains my deep rooted love for surfing. Very interesting connections. Similar to the time I created a nickname for myself 'Elbe'. My parents asked where I got it from because they named me 'LB - Landgren Baby' until they decided on Eliza.

Mt Eliza has been a lovely climb. I am aware that I will continue to climb but I truly feel as though I have reached a place where I can see clearly, breathe easily and I no longer feel claustrophobic in my mind.

My life is clutter free and so is my head.

I no longer have any big questions about life, as I've found answers that resonate with me - highly recommend reading Conversations With God. This has freed up a lot of space!

My focus now is on refining habits in order to be in complete control of who I am and who I'd like to be. I am listening, reading, and doing some hardcore note taking on 'Better Than Before' by Gretchen Rubin at the mo'.

Elle x


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