I have been interested in active and healthy holidays since I began university. Back then the travel itinerary was leaving Brisbane and heading home to Cairns to basically detox my body and voluntarily revoke my VIP membership to McDonald's.

Our end of year university break was a good 3-4 months, which is honestly how long I needed to reset after being a hopeless 18yr old and not knowing the definition of health.

Fast forward a couple of years to when the active and healthy holidays eventually morphed into an active and healthy life. That's been the case for a long time now. However there is one thing I miss. Those 3-4 month breaks.

Elle Fit Active & The Studio Upstairs very much rely on the internet to stay connected, so it's hard to switch off, without implementing some serious self restraint measures. Once we opened The Studio Upstairs I found it extremely refreshing to leave work stuff literally at work on a Friday afternoon so I could enjoy my weekends. I had always worked from a home office up until this point which really wasn't healthy nor very effective - for me.

Weekends became my time to reset and I did that VERY well with the help of Ollie our Kombi. But the thought of having a FULL WEEK to disconnect. Oh yep! That was an exciting thought.

Introducing a heavenly escape to a firefly filled wonderland. Oh and monkeys. And peacocks. And elephants. And turtles. And the cutest chipmunks on Earth at Talalla Wellness Retreat in Sri Lanka.

I think EVERYONE can benefit from a week nestled in the magic of this place.

Jenna, the bundle of joy that facilitates the retreats, is an absolute legend and you'll instantly feel at home. So if you're thinking of going solo, do it!

The retreat schedule was the perfect balance of activities & chill time. Plenty of time to read, move the bod, explore, catch up on zzz's, get a healthy hit of Vit D, have a laff and make some new friends.

It was the first thing I organised for my 4 week adventure to Sri Lanka and I highly recommend kicking your time off at Talalla. You'll meet some incredible people and it's a great way to get a feel for the country to decide where you'd like to explore next.

Keep scrollin' to enjoy some piccies from my time there.

PS. If you're interested in heading over for the Wellness Retreat, make sure you mention 'Elle Fit' for a 15% discount :)

Glamping in our Bamboo Hut - about a 20 sec walk from the beach.

20 seconds from THIS beach.

Boxing x Pilates = Boxilates

The highlight... of my life. A safari with these guys.

Serfin' lessons!

As the week went by my definition of 'wellness' morphed into 'treat yo'self'.
Treat yo'self to 3 servings of dessert.

Visit to the Turtle Hatchery to learn all about their conservation efforts :)

Sending 'Lala' off into the big wild world. Catchya little one!

We loved staying at Talalla so much that we ended up coming back for two weeks of surf camp after Tuk-tukking our way around the country. Keep your eyes peeled for those blogs :).

If you'd like to see more posts from my time in The Lank, have a scroll back through my Instagram @elle_fit. I began my trip early Jan.

Elle x

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