How to be an Olympian in your own life 09 August 2016

This is a little something I've been pondering for about two weeks...

Professional athletes identify their skills and devote their lives to being the best they can possibly be.

So why doesn't everyone? Take a step back and observe your life right now. Have you identified your skills/ your gift/ your passion/ your purpose and are you making a conscious effort to being the best you can possibly be?

This doesn't have to be an athletic skill. It might be related to health or even spirituality. Paying attention to your body and mind. A journey of controlling your mind rather than letting it control you. What is your WHY? And don't freak out if you have no idea yet - that's the fun part. Try new things, turn inwards and follow your intuition.

Athletes don't train their absolute butts off for money, they do it because they love it.

Are you doing something you absolutely love regardless of whether it can make you a living?

We all have responsibilities (bills to pay, mouths to feed) but that doesn't mean we should set aside our passions.

We live in a pretty cool time where we have endless possibilities to create what we like and live a life that lights us up.

So as you watch the Olympics maybe ponder this idea too and soak up the inspiration and apply it to your life.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • What am I good at? What do I enjoy? What can I offer the world? What is my dream 'job'?
  • Set goals. Manifest what you want in life. YOU are the only one in control of it. Make it a freaking GOOD ONE!
  • Visualise what you want, who you want to be, what you want to do.
  • Start doing it!

Pick a goal, set your mind to it and do whatever it takes to achieve it. Prove to yourself that you can commit to something and take control. It's pretty cool when you do!

Inspired thoughts always come to me when I'm calm and taking time out for myself. If you need some of that, have a stretch with me. You can grab Get Bendy & Get Split here, let me know how you feel afterwards.

Keep smiling!

Elle xx