Hey guys,

If you have the Get Bendy eGuide but would love to switch off from technology and grab the Get Bendy Poster too, keep reading!

The Get Bendy Poster now comes in a bundle with the Get Bendy eGuide for free - priced at $49 AUD. The price of the Get Bendy Poster alone is also $49 AUD.

So if you have already purchased the Get Bendy eGuide but would like to switch off and stretch with the Get Bendy Poster follow the below instructions.

Note: I have everyone's details on file from the beginning of time so if you email me with the same email address as you placed your order under, all of the necessary details will pop up automatically on my end and I will be able to provide you with a unique discount code.

If you can't remember the email address you used (or it's no longer in use) that's fine just let me know the name the order was placed under and I can look you up.

To request your unique discount code simply send me an email by clicking right HERE.

Feel free to copy the below:

Hey Elle,
I have the Get Bendy eGuide but would love the Get Bendy Poster too!
May I please have a unique discount code.
PS. You're the best. Love ya.

Simple as that. Well look, I wish it could be as straight forward as offering you a code right here but they need to be for existing customers.

For any new customers reading this, you can enter your email on the homepage of my website for a 10% discount.

Lots of love,

Elle :)

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