I have received a lot of messages requesting a blog post with book recommendations soooo, here it is. I hope my short descriptions can help you find whatever it is you might be searching for. If not, give them a quick google to get more of an idea. 

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The Untethered Soul - Michael A Singer   Amazon | Book Depository
This book was the prerequisite for my yoga teacher training and I wish it was a required reading for every human on the planet. I first listened to it as an audiobook and had it playing every time I jumped in the car - highly recommend, especially if you're someone that doesn't have much spare time to pick up the book (it's a quick read and great to have a hard copy). The first three chapters are: The Voice Inside Your Head, Your Inner Roommate, and Who Are You?. Michael's way of explaining things is simple, straight forward and easy to comprehend. 

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne   AmazonBook Depository
Last year, on my way to the Maldives for a surf trip I stood in the bookshop at the airport waiting for something to jump out at me. I needed something that would help shift me out of a not-so-great mindset and negative self talk. There was just one copy of The Secret on the shelf, I flicked through it and it was exactly what I needed. I whizzed through it on the flight and it changed the way I approached the whole trip. Surfing every day and doing my best to apply what I had learned in the book made for a pretty life changing holiday.

Wishes Fulfilled - Wayne Dyer   Amazon | Book Depository
Firstly, Wayne Dyer speaks to my soul. He is my favourite author and I connect with all of his work. I'd like to challenge you to find a more soothing voice too - his audios are extremely calming. This is the book that featured quite a bit on my Instagram in March and it has changed my life. I love that we can be one book away from a completely new way of thinking. I was craving some guidance on manifesting and I wanted to hear it from Wayne. I walked into a book shop, found his books and read the back of about 5 books and thought hmm, either they don't have something or I'm meant to hear it from someone else. I picked up Wishes Fulfilled last and bam, SPOT ON. The Secret is a great place to start with manifesting to get you thinking differently but Wishes Fulfilled takes it to an entirely new level.

Other must reads from Wayne Dyer are The Shift which is also a movie - highly recommend grabbing the book to flick through and highlight, I'm a notorious highlighter, Excuses Begone I have just dipped my fingers into this one, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life Wayne's interpretation of the Tao Te Ching - incredible.

Audios that I'd highly recommend from Wayne Dyer are Everyday Wisdom this was the first I had heard of Wayne Dyer and fell in love instantly - it's a bunch of life changing one liners and you can skip / start the 1hr track anywhere you like (I purchased it as an audiobook through iBooks on my phone, it's also available for free on YouTube, 101 Ways to Transform Your Life is another goodie. I love listening to Wayne when I'm in the car and craving some calmness or if I'm ever struggling to get off to sleep.

Way Of The Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman   Amazon | Book Depository
Oh the differences between a Law degree and Yoga Teacher Training. We were required to do a book review on Way Of The Peaceful Warrior. Hands down the most enjoyable 'assignment' I have been given. If you prefer to follow a story more than a self help book, this is your jam. It has also been made into a movie, woo! So pop it on the movie night list and invite the fam & friends.

The Surrender Experiment - Michael A Singer   Amazon | Book Depository
This year my mantra is to only do things that feel good. For the first time in 25 years I have been really connecting with my intuition and letting that guide me. So when two friends suggested I read Michael Singer's second book all about surrendering to the flow of life, I walked straight to the bookshop and then sat on a hill glued to the book for the next hour. There really is no other way to live life and this book is all about how the author of The Untethered Soul let life live through him, rather than forcing it. Extremely inspiring. Must read.

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle   Amazon | Book Depository
My Dad had been planting seeds and little ideas to ponder many years before I felt ready to dive into The Power of Now for myself. It's not really a book you will sit down and read cover to cover. More of a bedside bible that you will pick up, read, and ponder for a few days / years. If you would like to be more present, this book is the leader in Now ;).

The Healing Code - Alexander Loyd   Amazon | Book Depository
When I was studying Law I was guaranteed to be hit with tonsillitis twice a year. Semester One exam block followed by Semester Two exam block. Common denominator? Ridiculous amounts of stress and burning the candle at both ends with ZERO coping mechanisms in place. The Healing Code technique healed my tonsillitis quicker than antibiotics ever could and educated me in an instant on the effects stress has on our body. Stress switches our immune system off, therefore leaving us completely open to illness and disease. The Healing Code allows us to eliminate the stress and therefore switch our immune system back on. This book is a life changer. Especially those with 'incurable' issues - chronic fatigue etc.

Unwritten - Jack Delosa   Amazon | Book Depository
Jack Delosa was the first person I found that was combining business and spirituality. Jack's approach to entrepreneurship and living a life that aligns with your purpose is refreshing and something I very much agree with. I read this book on the plane from Brisbane to Melbourne - yep in 2 hours. I could barely see past my glasses when I got off the plane. If you are seeking some guidance in relation to purpose and also your career this is a must read.

The Secret Language Of Your Body - Inna Segal   Amazon | Book Depository
I am obsessed with metaphysical meanings of illnesses and disease. Our body communicates with us in very obvious ways but we have been taught to ignore it. This book is a brilliant guide / glossary to the meaning behind a long list of physical ailments. Very interesting to flick through. Another great book which is very similar is 'Your Body's Telling You: Love Yourself'.

Power Vs Force - David R. Hawkins   Amazon | Book Depository
You can lead a horse (your daughter) to water... but you can't make them drink (read) until they're ready. This is one book my Dad has been telling me to read for years. But I guess the seed he planted needed some watering. 

It's incredibly difficult to summarise in one paragraph and do it justice. Dr Hawkins has devoted his life to consciousness research. In a nut shell, he's explaining the science behind spirituality, a field of quantum physics that most tend to avoid. However through kinesiology, Power Vs Force explains the connection between individual levels of consciousness and human behavior. If you want to put your science cap on and delve into a book that will change the way you look at life, I'd highly recommend this one. It's a big read in every facet of the word 'big' so prepare yourself. You can read a bunch of reviews over here.

Beyond Past Lives - Mira Kelley   AmazonBook Depository
A little back story first. Every child reaches a point in their life where their favourite word is 'why'. My 'why' questions have only intensified over the course of my life and whilst reading this book I thought to myself 'if only someone had placed this book in my lap at age 7'. How different things would be... but alas, this book was only published in 2014. Mira Kelley is a regressionist and answers all of my life long questions like 'what happens when we die and why are we here?' through sharing the life-changing lessons she has learned from her clients. If you're an inquisitive one (aren't we all), get your hands on Beyond Past Lives ASAP.

Women's Wellness Wisdom - Dr Libby Weaver   Amazon | Book Depository
I found this book sitting next to me in the waiting room of my acupuncturist and I then drove straight to the book shop after my appointment to grab my own copy. I think it should be handed to every female. I'm not sure why studying the human body and mind isn't prioritised at school? It's the one thing we have for life yet so many of us really have no idea how it all works. It's a very easy read and you can flick to whichever section you needs answers for. Have a squizz of it here.


The 5 Love Languages - Gary Chapman   Amazon | Book Depository
A fun quiz everyone should do!

The 5 Love Languages are:
#1 Words of Affirmation
#2 Quality Time
#3 Receiving Gifts
#4 Acts of Service
#5 Physical Touch

I first bought this book in 2015 and have found it very helpful in understanding the way people close to me give and receive love. Great for relationships but also friendships and family members. 


How to Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnegie   Amazon | Book Depository
When I studied Law I experienced a lot of anxiety. One thing that really got to me was having to answer the question 'so what do you do?'. Telling people I was studying Law and working for a barrister did a pretty crappy job at explaining who I was as a person and to be honest I think that's a dud question to ask someone anyway. 'What excites you?'... now that opens up a convo.

I bought this book a couple of years ago when I started Elle Fit Active. I was still a big ball of anxiety from my degree and I felt awkward when people who followed me on social media came up to me in public for a chat. I would think, you know a whole lot about me, but I know nothing about you - how can we change that? This book helped a lot! For anyone that perhaps struggles with a bit of social anxiety I'd highly recommend this one. PS. When you do what you love, it's much easier to chat to anyone and everyone.

Conversations With God - Neale Donald Walsch   Amazon | Book Depository
My most highlighted book and my number one recommendation to answer those big and small life questions. Note: not a religious book but basically a bible for every human, religious or not. It's my favourite book to play 'message of the day' with - where I close my eyes, flick through and stop at a random page. I powered through this book in two days and quickly went out and bought book number 2 and 3 to keep reading. My kinesiologist reads this book once a year and many mentors in business also highly recommend this one. Get your hands on it - or the audiobook.

The Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield   Amazon | Book Depository
It baffles me that this book was published in 1993 and the whole world hasn't caught onto its magic and message yet. I'm big on coincidences, synchronicities, paying attention to messages and letting my intuition guide me and this book kicked all of these things into overdrive. This is another book my Dad has been suggesting for years but I guess I wasn't ready. However, a couple of months ago I walked into a friend's house and it was perfectly centred on the kitchen bench, staring at me, so I knew it was time to get my eyes on it. 

Elle xx


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