Attention: Please fit your own oxygen mask before helping others!

This is a reminder you will see every time you run through your Get Clear checklist.

Do you ever experience anxiety that makes it hard to breathe?

I like to view this as my body's way of reminding me to check whether my oxygen mask is secured. A reminder to turn to my list and make sure I'm not missing any vital steps.

We can't help anyone if we're not breathing / looking after ourselves. Can we?

Some of the points on the Get Clear checklist can serve as a very effective and immediate way to bring you out of an anxious state, but I want this list is help you START YOUR DAY in a calm state rather than having to band-aid the problem.

So, FIRST things first. And YOU MUST come FIRST.

I want you to start your day and end your day with something for YOU.

The points in Get Clear are things I run through DAILY.

I have taken the time to get clear on what I value, what I know will make me feel my best and in turn they have become my daily non-negotiables.

I am writing this as I received a great question yesterday morning.

We all have varying schedules but I believe we all have time to squeeze in at least one thing for ourselves each morning.

Seeing the sunrise at the beach each morning is something I am extremely grateful to experience. Something I have dreamt of my entire life. But last year I sacrificed sleep which quickly meant I was burning the candle at both ends. So this year I made a strict rule that I must get 7-8hrs sleep each night if I am to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise and get my nature hit before I dive into my day.

Each point on Get Clear is just as important as the next.

We live our life in 24hr periods.

Make sure you are looking after yourself each and every day.

I hope this helps you.

If you have any questions, please send an email to!

Elle :)


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