My 'list' currently has 324 items. Despite the number, this isn't overwhelming at all. It's a combination of things I'd like to do personally, my to do list for Elle Fit Active and The Studio Upstairs, ideas and light bulb moments, shared lists with my housemates, and shared lists with Ash & Lisa (my right hand super heroes that keep Elle Fit Active & my life running smoothly).

I've always been a list writer, but there wasn't much method to my madness... until I introduced the following method. I'm not sure which blog or podcast I first discovered it but I think credit belongs to Brian Tracy.

A - MUST - serious consequences
B - SHOULD - minor consequences
C - COULD - no consequences
D - DELEGATE - assign to someone else
E - ELIMINATE - get rid of it

I use an app called Wunderlist on my iPhone and laptop and introducing this prioritising system is Wunnnderful as I can simply hit 'sort alphabetically' and my list is quickly organised into order.

Here is an example, using the ABCDE approach. Simply add the relevant letter before your task and voilà!

Your list will essentially be cut down to ABCs only as D is for delegate and those tasks go to other people's lists. Wunderlist allows you to drop and drag them into other lists - so when it's a job Ash or Lisa can do I move it to their list. They also have the app with notifications so it's a great way to communicate within a team.

And E's? Well they get eliminated. Learn to say no.

Be strict with your lettering, notice the consequences associated with each task and get clear on what is important and what is not.

I only use this prioritising system for lists and tasks that have due dates or to let Ash & Lisa know what's on the top of our lists for the day. A lot of my lists are full of ideas so they don't require it.

I also have plenty of pen and paper lists as I loooove the satisfaction of crossing out or highlighting but Wunderlist is my online motherboard that I update and refer to daily. You can also set due dates, alarms, reminders - have a play, it's great!

PS. Self care and soul food tasks are a MUST priority. So if you are unconsciously marking them as a C or even an E... move them to the top!

I hope this can help you Get Organised :)

Elle x


I'd love to stay in touch & give you 10% off anything in the store. Elle :)

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  • Anna

    Hello Elle! Love this priority listing idea thank you for sharing! ×× I remember you mentioning an app to keep aware/track of your social media usage.. i thought i had screenshot it.. but alas.. no.. please advise when you can. BIG love. Anna ××

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