We all have one thing in common… it may sound obvious, but it's something I never really pondered until I did an eye gazing activity which involves sitting in front of someone and staring into each others eyes for a good 5 minutes without looking away. It's intense, confronting, deep, but incredibly beautiful all at the same time.

The one thing we all have in common?

WE ARE ALL HUMAN, and humans feel emotions. Which means we all experience happiness, sadness, excitement, heartbreak, anxiety, confusion, love, loneliness, joy. The list goes on. But until I did the eye gazing, I had never really considered that others would have experienced the same emotions I had. We experience these emotions in different scenarios but it's all the same. The same for about 7 billion of us. 

I am someone who craves routine but for some reason can't stick to one. I often have days where I feel completely lost and have no idea what I'm doing, I'm anxious, fidgety and can't think straight. And then there are other days where I think OHHH I GOT DIS, I'm productive, focused, organised, driven, creative and bursting with ideas, full of energy, and feel so stable and peaceful like nothing could shake it… until I get off track again, somehow.

A little bit like this hehe. Leunig explains life well.  

Over time I have learnt how to observe the ups and downs with a little less judgement and know there are some pretty basic things I can do to get myself out of a rut. Having experienced chronic fatigue and depression has allowed me to somewhat feel both ends of the happy/ sad + energetic/lethargic spectrum and along the way I have noticed some very simple things that help me. 

I'm sure these differ from person to person and I think it's important to find things that work for you. 

Here are my 5 things to get back on track:

Having a stretch at home and going for a gentle walk allows me to feel the benefits of moving without having to over exert myself. I used to run long distances and think that high intensity was the way to go but if I'm feeling fragile it's nice to connect with my body and my breath in a calm way. If I'm feeling a bit more energetic, a 30-60min weights session at the gym or a power yoga class are guaranteed to leave me feeling refreshed and strong. 

Good Food
I find it easier to eat better after I have moved my body so these 5 tips do actually have a bit of an order. Attempting to eat healthy foods with no happy endorphins running around my body is such a struggle for me and can quickly lead to a downward spiral of only wanting unhealthy food. Waking up and doing some form of exercise (whether it is gentle or a bit more intense) allows me to choose better options/ know when I've eaten enough and not overeat. 

During school I was always early to bed early to rise, but during uni it took a turn and became late nights and late mornings. Now it's a bit of everything, but I know if I get to bed early the next day is much easier. I have to put my phone face down on silent and out of arms reach otherwise two hours could go by, it's after midnight and I have just been mindlessly scrolling and researching random things. 

Getting a nature hit SOOTHES MY SOUL! It wasn't until I moved from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast that I realised how happy and calm being in nature makes me. I grew up in Cairns and was surrounded by rainforest and beaches so I guess I didn't really know how happy nature made me until I moved to a city and was deprived of it. Watching a sunrise or sunset, hearing the ocean, walking barefoot on the grass, hearing birds, breathing fresh air.. aaahhhh IT'S GOOD! 

A hyena is my spirit animal and laughter is something that also soothes my soul! You know sometimes when you have an uncontrollable fit of laughter, you're crying and maybe even pee a little :p THAT'S WHAT WE NEED! Surround yourself with people who make you smile and laugh and if everyone is busy head to YouTube and watch Jimmy Fallon, or follow the Vines Facebook page. Those two things always cheer me up :D. 

It's easy to avoid the things that make us feel good, for some reason it's quite common for humans to self sabotage. Practice cracking yourself out of those times and doing the things you know make you feel vibrant and peaceful. Maybe even make a weekly checklist and stick it to your bathroom mirror. It doesn't have to be complicated, it can start with a gentle stretch. Get Bendy is my go to! You can download my free Get Organised cards as a starting point. 

SMILE and know that everything will be ok.

Love Elle xx 



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