Yoga for Swimmers

I have always been a water baby - broad shoulders, small hips, frog feet - the whole package… a true amphibian. I swam competitively throughout my school years, Butterfly and Breaststroke were my thang and Susie O'Neill is probably the only hero/idol I have ever had in my life. I'd like to say I stretched but when our coach told us to stretch we were lucky to spare 5mins towards it. If you took one look around a swimming meet the majority of swimmers (especially females) had very bad posture. Constant pulling through water meant we had tight shoulders, chests and lats.


Dear young Elle,

Maybe these yoga poses would have helped. 

Love from older and wiser Elle. 

PS. Listen to your coach. 


'Get Bendy' has a bucket load of stretches suitable for swimmers. Click here to GET BENDY! :D

Here are a few specific poses for fellow frogs :)


Always consult a medical professional before commencing any exercise regime. The poses shown are in no way intended to be a substitute for professional advice. 


Poses for Shoulders - Variation I

 Step One: Table Top Pose

Step Two: Extended Puppy Pose

Step Three: Puppy Pose with Twist (right arm)

Step Four: Puppy Pose with Twist (left arm)


Poses for Shoulders - Variation II

Step One: Lay face down


 Step Two: Right arm across body

Step Three: Left arm across body


Poses for Shoulders and Triceps

Variation One (repeat both sides) 

Variation Two (use a towel if can't link fingertips - repeat both sides)

Multi-focus Pose
Bow Pose
(i.e. shoulders, chest, abdomen, hip flexors, groin, ankles)

Variation One: One Armed Bow Pose (hand inside or outside of ankle - repeat both sides)

Variation Two: Beginner Bow Pose (hand inside or outside of ankles)

Variation Three: Bow Pose (hand inside or outside of ankles)


Poses for Glutes

Variation One: Repeat both sides

Variation Two: Repeat both sides


Multi-focus Pose
Downward Dog
*I have scoliosis so my back isn't flat*
(i.e. upper back, lats, hamstrings, calves)

Variation One: Beginner (don't worry if heels can't touch ground) 

Variation Two: Heels to ground


Multi-Focus Pose
Upward Dog
(i.e. shoulders, upper back, chest, abdominals, hip flexors)


Restorative Pose
Child's Pose
(A great finish)


#throwback to when I had green hair and smelt like chlorine 


Elle :)