Yoga for Surfers

Yoga for surfers!

Here are a few ideas before you jump in the water.

Share it with any surfer rats you know! 

Eagle arms - one arm under the other, lift elbows and round shoulders for an upper back stretch. 

This one is great for stretching out your adductors. 
Gently alternate bringing a shoulder to the middle whilst gently pressing the knees out. 

A slight modification to a standard forward fold to stretch the hamstring and glute.
Bring one leg in front of the other, feet side my side, hinge forward from hips. 

Downward dog to upward dog - repeat a few times (coming through a high and low plank). 
Opt for cobra before coming into a full upward dog whilst your spine warms up. 

Low lunge with an added quad stretch. 

The last two are to get your spine moving - rounding and then pressing the chest forward. 
A little alternative to cat cow stretches. 


For more overall stretches check out Get Bendy
If your legs and glutes need some extra attention download Get Split