Welcome to the first page of my journal. These were the reminders I needed to get through my days a few years ago. 2014 to be exact - the year I wrote this down.

Humans have basic needs. So we need to do our best to meet them. Life is much easier when we do.

I am currently listening to and reading 'Better Than Before - Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives' by Gretchen Rubin. I am someone that thrives with routine and structure, yet for some reason, I have been avoiding it like the plague.

"When we change our habits, we change our lives. We can use decision making to choose the habits we want to form, we can use willpower to get the habit started; then — and this is the best part — we can allow the extraordinary power of habit to take over. We take our hands off the wheel of decision, our foot off the gas of willpower, and rely on the cruise control of habits."

Lists like this are easy to adopt if we make each point a habit.

If eating healthy and exercising daily become a habit, we no longer need to struggle with indecision - 'what should I eat' / 'should I go to the gym'?

We no longer need to call on willpower either - 'nourishing meal vs sugar hit' / 'get up and go to the gym vs lay in bed and list a million reasons why 'tomorrow' would be a better day to go'.

What's on your daily to-do list of non-negotiables?

Elle x


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