I use Apple Music so if you follow the link below it should redirect you to either iTunes or the Music app on an iPhone and you'll be able to add it to your Library:

I have also recreated it on Spotify for ya here (I'm not well acquainted with Spotify so if you have any issues my username is Eliza Landgren - I think):

Here are the tunes, alphabetically by Artist.

Enjoy :)

Dean Lewis Waves
Geowulf Saltwater
Hollow Coves Coastline
Hollow Coves We Will Run
Hollow Coves The Woods
Hollow Coves Interlude
Hollow Coves Home
Hollow Coves These Memories
James TW When You Love Someone
James TW Different
James TW 10K Hours
James TW Torn
Joel and LeRoy Friends
Joel and LeRoy Slipping, Sliding, Gliding
Joel and LeRoy Wave Goodbye
Joel Leggett Feel
Joel Leggett Give It to the Ocean
Joel Leggett Jeans
Joel Leggett Hold You
Joel Leggett Part of Me
Joel Leggett I Will Try
Joel Leggett Bright Blue (Acoustic Version)
Joel Leggett Changing Currents
John Mayer In the Blood
José González Heartbeats
Kita Alexander Damage Done
Nahko and Medicine for the People Love Letters to God
Nathan Hawes Leave It Alone
Nathan Hawes I Wasn't There
Nathan Hawes I'll Remember
Nathan Hawes Left with the Wolves
Nathan Hawes Warmth
Novo Amor Carry You
Novo Amor Anchor
Novo Amor Callow
Novo Amor Welcome To the Jungle
Novo Amor From Gold
Novo Amor Weather
Novo Amor Holland
Novo Amor & Ed Tullett Alps
Novo Amor & Ed Tullett Faux
Thomas Newman American Beauty
Vancouver Sleep Clinic Killing Me to Love You
Vancouver Sleep Clinic Someone To Stay
Vancouver Sleep Clinic Collapse
Vancouver Sleep Clinic Flaws
Vancouver Sleep Clinic Stakes
Vancouver Sleep Clinic (Aftermath)
Vancouver Sleep Clinic Vapour
Vancouver Sleep Clinic Rebirth
Ziggy Alberts Start Over
Ziggy Alberts Tell Me (The Hoddevik Song)
Ziggy Alberts Runaway
Ziggy Alberts Better Off (The Captain Planet Song)
Ziggy Alberts Four Feet in the Forest
Ziggy Alberts Days in the Sun
Ziggy Alberts Hands I Can Hold
Ziggy Alberts Gone (The Pocahontas Song)
Ziggy Alberts Youngblood
Ziggy Alberts Settle Down
Ziggy Alberts Simple Things (The Ocean Song)
Ziggy Alberts Follow the Ocean
Ziggy Alberts Church Man
Ziggy Alberts Slow Dance
Ziggy Alberts Used To
Ziggy Alberts Time Alone
Ziggy Alberts Land & Sea
Ziggy Alberts Waterside
Ziggy Alberts Sleep Well
Ziggy Alberts Warm Coffee (The Market Song)
Ziggy Alberts Simple Things (Acoustic)
Ziggy Alberts Heaven

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