Emma's Story - Managing Back Pain After A Skydiving Accident

So many of us experience back pain and Em Carey definitely knows all about it since breaking her back in a skydiving accident three years ago. She is the toughest cookie I know! I hope her words can inspire you to rethink your approach to pain management.

"The difference just 30 minutes of stretching can make. It might not look like much from the outside but let me tell you, it feels like the world.

When I left the hospital after breaking my back, I was handed a box of ridiculously strong painkillers and was told to take them whenever I get sore (which happens to be all the time). I listened because I didn't think I had any other choice but to be honest the thought of constantly masking the pain with medicine never really sat right with me. A few months later I got a random message from @elle_fit and she had no idea if it would help, but suggested stretching for pain relief. Super intrigued and desperate I replied and said YES PLEASE. Fast forward three years and not only has she become one of my best friends but she has helped me beyond belief. She introduced me to stretching and reduced my back pain dramatically.

@elle_fit has released her brand spanking new stretching guide and it is FILLED with everything you need to know about stretching and the million ways it can help you. Today, between these two pictures, I did the 'express session' for lower back pain which is a quick and easy combo of stretches that help take the pain away.

If you are suffering from pain (anywhere in the body, not just the back), please please please take my advice and try something new before going straight for the painkillers. Rather than just masking the symptoms, we can work on fixing the actual problem and getting long-term benefits without any side-effects."

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