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We have some 'extra bendy' and slightly less than perfect posters that are looking for a loving home.

It looks as though our latest delivery has been affected by the weather and have decided to develop a slight warp. There is also a very faint black mark under the Elle Fit Active logo so we are offering these posters at 50% off.

Please see photos.

Sale stock - no refunds available or further discounts to be applied.

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What is Get Bendy? 

  • A stretching sequence that targets your whole body.
  • Stretching - yoga. Same, same.
  • A tool you can turn to as maaaany times as you like!

Why you need the Get Bendy poster in your life? 

  • It's a great reminder to switch off, stretch MORE and stress LESS.
  • Get Bendy is also pain relief in the form of a poster rather than a pain killer.

    Why was Get Bendy created?

    • I was tired of spending $$$ on yoga classes and not getting a homework sheet to practice in my own time. So I created one.
    • I suffered from excruciating back and nerve pain due to unmanaged scoliosis and Get Bendy fixed it. Now I live pain free. And I want the same for you. It also did a brilliant job at reducing anxiety and stress.
    • A few stretches every day can make a HUGE difference in your overall quality of life. Give it a go!


    Note: We only recommend the Get Bendy poster on its own if you already have a copy of the Get Bendy eGuide. 

    How much does the postie cost?

    Australia - $10

    New Zealand - $14

    All other destinations - $18 AUD (approximately 10-21 business days for International orders)


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