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02 Apr 2020
Ilsa F.
Australia Australia
Queen of practical bending!

My back suuuucks ... but your super clever guide has and is continuing to make my back **** less and less! I go through the guide at least once a day and starting to get a nice flow. Baby is gettin’ back back! Thank you thank you xo

01 Apr 2020
Virginia G.
Australia Australia
Poster and EGuide

Oh Elle, I have to say, I was just thinking this morning (when doing my stretches from your poster) how AWESOME it was and that I should just send you a little thank you. I’m 64 and have always wanted something just like that to inspire me. I put one the poster in a frame behind glass (over a picture of � I loved but have had for a few decades now) so it’s a new look as well as inspiration. I’m very happy, great job and concept

25 Mar 2020
Australia Australia

Bought my poster ages ago and still in love with it. It looks great on my bedroom wall and definitely sets the theme for my room (peaceful and calm). Very easy to follow and helps me relax my muscles. It’s also a constant reminder to stretch and take time to be calm everyday. Thanks Elle

25 Mar 2020
Lisa T.
United States United States
Stretchy Bliss? Yes please!

I’ve used the guides for 3 years now. But now - I’m 19 wks and 5 days preg and with slight modifications, these guides are still an every day go to for me. Nothing beats that blissed out feeling after getting bendy. They are simple and relaxing with a nice flow - someone complimented me at the gym and said I moved so gracefully and I told them I was just getting bendy (haha) because that’s what they do - help you to move with ease, with little thinking, and more breathing. And let’s be honest, Uncle Elle is the best thing since sliced bread! Lots of love from Lisa x

25 Mar 2020
Layne .
Australia Australia
Love the poster!

I love being able to practice yoga at my own pace by following the images on the poster and being able to listen to music in the comfort of my own home. My poster is currently hanging up on the back of my bedroom door and I practice yoga with the get bendy poster multiple times a week.

24 Mar 2020
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Loving it

I've been using Get Bendy for about a month now and have loved using the eguide (more than the poster) it's really clear with instructions of how to get in to each position and when to breathe. I started off reading the guide and then doing a section from the beginning each day gradually building up to the full flow. Having not done much yoga before this is a lovely sequence to learn and I've also developed a refreshing morning routine. The e-guide comes through on email instantly and postal delivery to the UK was pretty quick (but you don't need the poster to start with anyway if you're learning from the guide!) Thanks for creating a wonderful guide x

24 Mar 2020
Nicole .
United States United States
Obsessed! Must have for all athletes!

Im obsessed with my Get Bendy poster. I’ve been using it in the morning to start my day off and it’s made a huge difference in my running game!

24 Mar 2020
Austria Austria
Get sleepy

I like to do Get Bendy at nighttime before I go to bed and it helps me so much letting go of the stressful and bad things that happened to me during the day. Also I found that I have a much better sleep after stretching, because I feel so liberated and in peace with myself, so I have no thoughts left on my mind when I go to bed. Thank you Elle for sharing your guides with the world, we love them!

24 Mar 2020
Kara C.
Australia Australia
I love my Get Bendy poster!!!

I’ve had Get Bendy for over a year now, it’s easy to do and ALWAYS makes me feel good when I do it! Elle your an absolute legend ❤️

24 Mar 2020
Australia Australia
The Beat

Such a good introduction into mind and body connection and a daily reminder to take a moment to pause.

28 Feb 2020
Anna C.
Nepal Nepal
I recommend to all my friends

I love this guide. Beautifully simple. I find it so necessary for me to have something to do in order to slow down - it tricks my mind into thinking I'm being productive when really I'm giving my body and mind the space it needs to wind down. It's totally changed my relationship with time on the mat and has become an integral part of my life.

28 Feb 2020
United States United States
Get bendy poster

Definitely recommend, back pain improved. Thank you!

28 Feb 2020
Australia Australia
Endo surgery recovery

I purchased this before I was awaiting a small bowel resection for endometriosis and it has helped me so much with my recovery and my bowel movements and my peace of mind! I have now been doing it daily for 2 months and absolutely love it! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful poster! You are truly amazing Elle! X

27 Feb 2020
Australia Australia

This guide gives me motivation to actually stretch and makes me do the bits I would usually skip if I did my own stretching.

27 Feb 2020
Emily .
Australia Australia

I have loved using the poster for a morning or late afternoon routine, it’s easy to follow and I can really notice a difference especially after a stretch....Thankyou x

23 Feb 2020
Jenna W.
Australia Australia
Love love love

Love my get bendy e-guide and poster! I injured my back last year and having a sequence to follow for my stretch routine helps me to stick to it

21 Feb 2020
Keegan H.
Australia Australia
Get bendy poster

Hey Elle, just wanted to say thank you. I purchased the get bendy poster last year off the back of a pretty decent back injury, Disc buldge in both the L4 and L5 impinging on my sciatica. I was in a lot of pain and everything had just tightened. I stumbled across your Instagram through sam’s page. I thought why not I’ll give it a shot. I’m a pretty active person and the thought of not being able to play golf or stay fit didn’t sit well with me. Fast forward a year and I’ve got almost full range of movement bac and feeling strong again, going through the movements on your poster 3/4 times a week or whenever I get a chance. My recent purchase this year was a gift for a work colleague, it helped me so much I wanted to pass it on. Thanks again

12 Feb 2020
Nicole C.
Australia Australia
Get Bendy

Very pleased with the product :). Arrived much quicker than I thought! Have had it mounted on foam board for ease of use and storage. Have been using it and feeling the effects :) Thank you Elle ☺️

11 Feb 2020
Jane B.
New Zealand New Zealand
Love it

I ordered the get bendy digital pack with the poster. Love the poster I have framed it in a cheap poster frame from Kmart and now can easily do a yoga flow with it. The digital pack is brilliant also explaining all the positions and I have been travelling this week and using it on my MacBook . It’s great that I can break up the routines as I have broken my talus bone in my ankle and can’t do a lot of poses at the moment so breaking it up for what I can do in a moon boot. My inflammatory arthritis pain reduces greatly especially in my back and shoulders when I am doing the full sequence. Thanks Elle for producing this amazing product

A Elle Fit Active Customer
09 Feb 2020
Georgia W.
Australia Australia
Love it!

So nice to have a visual prompt in my office to move my *** hahaha thanks Elle! Gx