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Buy ALL 3 eGuides + Get Bendy poster and save!

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Buy ALL 3 eGuides + Get Bendy poster and save!

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12 Feb 2020
Nicole C.
Australia Australia
Get Bendy

Very pleased with the product :). Arrived much quicker than I thought! Have had it mounted on foam board for ease of use and storage. Have been using it and feeling the effects :) Thank you Elle ☺️

11 Feb 2020
Jane B.
New Zealand New Zealand
Love it

I ordered the get bendy digital pack with the poster. Love the poster I have framed it in a cheap poster frame from Kmart and now can easily do a yoga flow with it. The digital pack is brilliant also explaining all the positions and I have been travelling this week and using it on my MacBook . It’s great that I can break up the routines as I have broken my talus bone in my ankle and can’t do a lot of poses at the moment so breaking it up for what I can do in a moon boot. My inflammatory arthritis pain reduces greatly especially in my back and shoulders when I am doing the full sequence. Thanks Elle for producing this amazing product

A Elle Fit Active Customer
09 Feb 2020
Georgia W.
Australia Australia
Love it!

So nice to have a visual prompt in my office to move my *** hahaha thanks Elle! Gx

07 Feb 2020
sarah D.
Australia Australia
Life saver

The reset my nervous system gets from a run through of get bendy is genuinely life saving. Thank you Elle xo

05 Feb 2020
Caitlin S.
Australia Australia

A wonderful idea that has been put together! As someone who struggled paying $20 per class for yoga and also struggling to find a decent YouTube tutorial this program is perfect for at home flexibility and stretching.

27 Jan 2020
Karina T.
Australia Australia
Physical and mental benefits

Just wanted to share that after years of having get bendy, last night I finally pulled out my poster and completed each sequence. I’ve had a pretty draining week mentally and wasn’t feeling the best, and physically my body felt tight and rigid. I completed the entire poster and took time with each sequence (to the best of my ability) whilst listening to a nice calm playlist. I slept like a baby after that, and felt like my mentality was much clearer. The next morning after my stretch I decided to do some stretching and I didn’t even need the poster in front of me. I didn’t really feel like completing every sequence, so I remembered my favourite sequences from the previous stretch, and did those. I wanted to share this, because I feel like I’m finally giving “get bendy” a crack. It is such a great poster suited for all abilities. I’ll admit, it takes a little patient and consistency and I hope to be doing it regularly, my goal is daily. In just two sessions of doing it, I feel less anxious, and I’m hoping to improve my flexibility. It took some time to get some motivation, but I’m hoping that this will become more consistent in my life! Thanks a heap for creating get bendy; and thank you for making get bendy more than just a program, but a lifestyle + staying connected to motivate and inspire your get bendy fam :) xx

26 Jan 2020
Bridget o.
Australia Australia

I really love how simple and easy to follow it is! I even bought one for my mum: some of the exercises are a little hard for her to do because she’s not very flexible but she does the ones she can! Thank you!

26 Jan 2020
Keely R.
New Zealand New Zealand
Simple but effect

I have loved this poster as a I have recently become unwell n had to give up my gym and other activities that were strenuous until I am better. This has allowed me to keep moving my body gently and keeping my head in check. Love it recommend it!

18 Jan 2020
Alicia C.
Canada Canada

Been stuck in hospital the last few weeks and have been eagerly waiting to get home to stretch it out with the new poster! Feels so good to finally move, perfect timing for sure. Much love from Canada!

13 Jan 2020
Italy Italy
Daily dose of self care

Get Bendy is in my daily routine since 2016.. It helped me creating again the mind-body connection I lost in a dark period of my life. And today It still represents a moment for me, for listening, get in tune with my emotions and find my peace without judgement, with no urcency of reaching perfection or hit some self-imposed standards. I am a professional athlete so have a moment for Just FEEL is extremely helpful! Thanks Elle ♥️

13 Jan 2020
Lejla R.
Austria Austria

I have sent a message to Elle to express my interest and share my thoughts about her get bendy ebook as I am a student and couldn’t afford it. I did this with no intentions, just wanted to let her know that she has support from a faaar away country. I didn’t even expect a response.. and she replied to my email with an ebook for free. This just goes on to show what an amazing person she is and that she truly wants to help as many people possible and not only make money. I have been using this routine with various problems such as anxiety lower back problems and overall stress caused by uni and life. It has helped me tremendously with my sleeping, pain and mental health, and I will continue to support Elle and her friends because let’s be real they are awesome. Thank you Elle,

13 Jan 2020
Canada Canada
Newbie friendly

I’m a yoga teacher and I love recommending this to people who are apprehensive about trying yoga. Such a great way to get used to the movements at your own pace, in your own space.

13 Jan 2020
Australia Australia
Finally- a full nights sleep

Thank you, Elle. I have so much trouble getting a full nights sleep, and your Get Bendy program is the perfect way to wind down. When doing it consistently, I find that I’m not waking up during the night and I drift off to sleep within minutes- usually I’d be tossing and turning for ages! Thank you x

13 Jan 2020
Emily .
Australia Australia
Can’t live without!

Anxiety levels reduced ✅ Improved sleep ✅ Improved flexibility ✅ Huge reduction in back pain ✅ Do yourself a favour and invest in Get Bendy

13 Jan 2020
Australia Australia
Love it!

Get Bendy helps me in so many ways. When I am sore from dance, when I’m feeling anxious, or when I want to get off my device for a while. I pop on some music (mostly Lumineers) and stretch. ‍♀️

12 Jan 2020
Australia Australia
Get Bendy

i love my get bendy poster!

06 Jan 2020
Hannah V.
Australia Australia
Love my poster!

Such an easy to follow stretch guide. Highly recommend!

03 Jan 2020
Helen M.
Australia Australia
Elle Bendy Poster

Thank goodness I found Elle on Instagram! Such a fantastic poster to have in my gym room. I framed it with a Kmart poster frame and it’s amazing. Now I can visually see the correct way to bend and stretch. I love this poster and I’m happy to write this review.

27 Dec 2019
Jake G.
Australia Australia
Poster !

My girlfriend loved it !!

A Elle Fit Active Customer
20 Dec 2019
Glynis S.
Australia Australia
I’m getting bendy!

I haven’t been flexible since doing dance as a kid and suddenly I can put my hands flat on the ground again thanks to get bendy! I feel so fresh and alive when I get bendy and even force my housemates to join in because they know it makes them feel better after!