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01 Jul 2020
Ellie H.
Australia Australia
Just what everyone needs

The Get Bendy Poster is so great! For someone who has always had very little flexibility, the stretches are simple and help me make sure I target all parts of my body, makes me feel so good.

01 Jul 2020
Georgina C.
Australia Australia
Get Bendy

Love it, after suffering fatigue for 2 years and stopping exercise caused a major loss of confidence. Get bendy sequence flows, stretches and supports, guiding me to safely move again! I have been doing get bendy most days since purchase and love how it makes me feel. Thank you SO much

13 Jun 2020
Emma .
Australia Australia
Relaxing and useful

I love the poster, I’ve had the e-book but the poster is so much more convenient to use.

06 Jun 2020
Jamie W.
Australia Australia

For years now I’ve had lower back and hip problems and I’ve only been doing the get bendy poster for a little while but I notice the days I don’t my lower back is hurting and really tight. I love this poster the stretches are so good for my body and such a good start to my days xx

06 Jun 2020
Andy W.
Australia Australia
Love, Love, Love...

I have scoliosis and I am only a beginner but love the poster and the whole program xx

02 Jun 2020
Elizabeth W.
Australia Australia
Gift for mothers day

I brought this as a gift for my mum for mothers day. She loved the easy to use guide and sequence. Great buy!

01 Jun 2020
Joel P.
Australia Australia

Totally LOVE this poster. It’s amazing to stretch in my own time, in my own space, without having people watch or giggle at my terrible flexibility as a guy. Lize you have nailed it xx

01 Jun 2020
Cassandra D.
Australia Australia

So incredibly happy with this purchase. I had scoliosis surgery a few years ago & suffer from terrible pain through my back. This guide has helped me stretch out some pain & increase my flexibility. Couldn’t be happier.

01 Jun 2020
Kate J.
Australia Australia
So happy!

This poster is a life saver! My back has never felt so good!

01 Jun 2020
Melina L.
Australia Australia
Yas Queen

Love this guide! I can’t tell you the amount of times I added the guide to my cart and thought, “na I know how to stretch, I don’t need it”. Then one day there was a nice little discount and I thought, why not? I’m so glad I ended up making the purchase. It’s so much more than stretching and it’s actually replaced some of my “workouts” whilst working from home. I appreciate taking the time to get bendy!

20 May 2020
Allegra A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
E-Guides to E-zy Stretching

I ordered a wave ring, but due to the covid crisis these were no longer going to be made in a realistic time frame. Elle was wonderful and patient and offered a load of options instead, including a refund. Given post delays and the situation, I opted for the 3-e-guide bundle. I LOVE THEM! I have been trying inversions for forever and had injured a wrist a year ago, but these guides come with tips, stretching, prep work and safety suggestions. Also they are light and fun, to read. The Get Bendy will now replace my quarantine youtube yoga search for a good stretch, as it beats anything I’ve found online. Thank you Elle :)

19 May 2020
Madeline T.
Australia Australia
Wish I got it sooner!

Honestly, after only a few weeks of using the ‘Get Bendy’ guide I have noticed a huge difference in my flexibility, mindset and sleep. I’ve had such a positive experience using the guide and can’t wait to get started on the next two, only wish I would have gotten it sooner! Thanks Elle

18 May 2020
Megan D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Power of the Poster

Having been hunched over my computer for the past 8 weeks in lockdown, I was starting to feel as though I had turned 225 on my last birthday, not 25. When my poster was delivered, I am pretty sure that I heard angels singing. The stretches are demonstrated clearly with the poster itself being aesthetically pleasing and of a high quality. Safe to say that I can touch my toes again. Thank you Elle!

17 May 2020
Alison W.
Australia Australia
Just Beautiful ❤

Such a well thought program. Easy to follow with the ability to personalise and adapt each day depending how you are feeling. The poster looks lovely on the wall too! Thanks for creating this Elle ❤

15 May 2020
Elle F.
Australia Australia
Get bendy poster

Hi Elle, My hubby and I just finished renovating our house the other day, and I’ve been dying to use one of the spare rooms to put my now framed get bendy poster! And today was the day! So this morning I woke up and followed the sequence as I’ve have been suffering from back pain of late. I feel so relaxed, clear minded and ready to tackle the day! The poster is really easy to follow and I’m excited to fit it into my daily routine whether it be in the morning or at night or who knows both :) Haha. So thank you! Love from one Elle to another :)

13 May 2020
Emily W.
Australia Australia
Love my poster

I bought this poster as I always struggle to remember yoga poses but wanted to maintain some sort of routine throughout quarantine, it has been great to refer to & looks amazing in my room, I love it!

11 May 2020
Liv N.
Australia Australia
Get Bendy for a non bendy teen

The get Bendy guide has literally saved my life! From such a young age I have been visiting Chiropractor constantly cracking my neck, back, lower back and every other part of my back. Bringing this into my life has not only helped my body physically but has also changed my mental and emotional state. It calms me down for a peaceful sleep and also it gets me ready for the new day whatever time I’m doing it I know it will be a great way to start of my day. I’m so lucky and thankful I’ve had the opportunity to buy something so helpful!!

07 May 2020
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Thank you

I love the poster, but more impressive is Elle’s customer service - what a truly incredible soul she is!!

06 May 2020
Jaz M.
Australia Australia
Love this

Such an easy to follow guide! Love it!!

04 May 2020
sarah G.
Australia Australia

Our little family LOVE it! We have been stretching together every night before bedtime! It's great to clear the mind and feel all the muscles in your body right before a wonderful rest. Thank you, Elle, for your creativity and practicality!