Acts of kindness are free. However sometimes a few dollars can go a very long way to helping people who need it! 


I am currently selling my A2 world map prints to help Jeremias reach his fundraising goal.

Read his story below.

In high school I had the pleasure of catching the bus to school with this kid every day. I also had the wonderful opportunity to play alongside this extremely talented guy in the most incredible OzTag team Cairns has seen ;). After school Jeremias (Jera) went on to pursue his professional rugby league career. However in September 2010 he was involved in a car accident resulting in a severe spinal cord injury. Since then Jera has been in constant rehab to get his trusty old legs working again. Watching this guy's determination and persistence is beyond inspiring! Jera is one tough cookie with a very kind heart!

He is currently fundraising to undertake a 6 month intensive rehabilitation program with Ken Ware, Neurophysics at Robina on the Gold Coast. This rehabilitation program is designed to assist Jera in eliminating chronic pain, assist his daily health and well being and aid his recovery to achieve his goal of getting out of the wheelchair and to walk independently again.

You can read more about Jeramias' story and donate directly by following this link.




Earlier this year when Elle Fit Active launched, I started a fundraising effort to help Flynn Rigby get his second round of stem cell treatment in Bangkok. Little Flynn was born 16 weeks early. Due to his extremely premature birth and the significant brain injury sustained from it Flynn has had developmental delays, motor skill difficulties and sensory dysfunction issues. You can read more about this incredible boy from Cairns here and also follow his Facebook Support Page. With the help of many beautiful people who purchased world map prints, we managed to raise $1000 for Team Flynn. Flynn had a successful trip to Bangkok for the stem cell treatment in July and is making incredible progress. :)




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