Wake Up Jeff

K.I.S.S. (keep it simple.. silly). Here are a few stretches you can do in the morning. Put your phone away, connect with your body (even if just for 5 mins), then lay on the floor and chill for a bit. Decide that you're going to have a splendid day and then go into the bathroom and wash the toothpaste off your pimples. Or is that just me and my very complex beauty regime..?


If you'd like a billion and one (minus a couple) more stretching ideas check out Get Bendy. If I follow all the stretches on my poster it takes me around 30-40mins ish depending on how long I feel like holding a stretch that day. :)


Start in table top

Cow pose 

Embrace your inner feline for cat pose

Down doggie variation I

Down doggie variation II

Up doggie

Forward fold variation I (relax your neck and booty to the sky)

Forward fold variation II

Forward fold variation III ie. toasted sandwich




Elle :)

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