Scorpion Pose

Ahhhh the elusive scorpion pose. This crazy pose was part of my motivation to get flexy. A friend tagged me in a photo at the beginning of 2013 and said DO THIS. Well, challenge accepted!!! 


You need to be flexible for this pose, and not just your back. You need to be open and flexy through your shoulders/ triceps/ lats, hip flexors, quads, even ankles (see photo below - I promise I didn't just randomly add arrows).



To work on your flexibility check out Get Bendy. That will help you get back to basics and work on all the elements necessary for a pose like this. Just a reminder, I made the stretching guide to help people learn what I taught myself. I could do endless tutorials on how to do a pose but unless you have a foundation of flexibility you won't be able to do it (or you will most likely injure yourself - trust me, I learnt the hard way). 


Get comfortable in a forearm stand. I remember my first forearm stand, in fact I have photos for you (they're at the bottom of this page). The wall is your best friend. Also a friend is your best friend ;). Have someone spot you.. and do your best to kick up gently, keep the walls free of holes please. Make sure you don't have anything hanging on the wall. I kicked up to a glass clock, kicked it off the wall and it smashed on top of me. Let's avoid that.


This pose is considered advanced/master level in yoga, so be patient and don't go jumping upside down into a crazy backbend if you've never paid much attention to basic stretching. You will need quite a bit of flexibility. Again, this is something Get Bendy can help you with. You can read reviews from other cool kids using it here.



You should also get comfortable in a forearm backbend because when you move away from the wall that is the most common position you will 'fall' into. Check out my page on forearm backbends here.


Once you have worked on your flexibility and are comfortable being in a forearm stand/ comfortable upside down.. here are tips to contort yourself into scorpion ;).


Warning: this is an intense backbend - BE CAREFUL. Don't push yourself further than your body is ready. Patience my friend! Enjoy being a beginner. This is the period of time where you will progress the most! Take photos/videos to check your alignment. 


Instructions below each photo..

  • Practice kicking up to a wall gently.
  • Have someone spot you if possible.
  • Get comfy here.
  • Bring your gaze further forward and start to bring your chest through creating a slight backbend. 
  • When you're ready start creeping down the wall slowly.
  • You can be closer to the wall if you like. 
  • Start taking one foot off the wall at a time and practice hovering just off the wall, finding that sweet spot of balance.
  • This will take a while to get used to.
  • The next step is bringing your feet towards your head.
  • Make sure you are comfortable in a forearm backbend first!
  • Then it's a matter of bending your legs, seriously.
  • This is where a bit of ankle flexibility comes in handy, as well as open hip flexors and flexy quads.



    • Counteract the intense back bend with a forward bend and child's pose.

    Be careful, take it easy, have fun! 

    Use your common sense. Warm up. Listen to your body.



    Early 2013 


    First attempt at a forearm stand. I was petrified… Being on your forearms for the first time in your life at 22 is such a weird feeling. Well it was for me. I had done headstands and handstands as a kid but never anything on my forearms. This section of wall wasn't exactly wide either. Plenty of room for error...

    Second attempt - probably the next night (tad impatient to learn). 
    Clearly the nerves had subsided. 





    I hope this is helpful :) Have fun! Just remember this pose is considered advanced. I stacked it hundreds of times before one day it finally clicked. Be a kid again, don't be afraid of learning something new. It's amazing what you can teach your body to do. 


    *This is a guide based on how I taught myself. 


    Elle :)

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