Here is an X-ray of my back from 2013 which shows how curvaceous I am... ha! When I was around 14yrs old I had quite a considerable growth spurt in a short amount of time. My skeleton had a hard time keeping it together and decided to form this slight S bend. I was a typical teenager and hopeless at being persistent with physiotherapy exercises so I suffered from a lot of pain which could have been avoided to a great extent. The sciatic pain I get from this curve was one of the main reasons I decided to take up yoga. After practising yoga for 1-3 months my back pain eased up significantly. However in March/ April of 2013 my sciatic pain started flaring up again. This is when I started seeing a chiropractor. At first it was weekly, then fortnightly and now I aim to go monthly (or whenever I notice something is out of whack) for a realignment. Practising yoga has allowed me to develop greater spinal mobility and has helped me build flexibility, muscle strength and endurance.

You have scoliosis and you're wondering what to do?
All I can share is what worked for me. This will vary for everyone. First point of call is a healthcare professional - I see a chiropractor and physiotherapist when I feel I need to and occasionally get a massage treatment. Getting your body assessed is important. My Get Bendy & Get Split stretching guides are what work for me and that is why I share them, if they can help you too that is fantastic! If you are unsure about any stretches, take a copy along to your healthcare professional and go through it with them before starting. 

How stretching and yoga has helped me...
Balancing out my muscles with both flexibility and strength has allowed relief of my constant sciatic pain and lower back spasms. Stretching is a gentle way to connect and feel which muscles require attention. When my glutes and hamstrings are tight my back doesn't cope so this is an area I like to focus on (this may differ person to person). Working on core strength to support my spine is also important for me - a mix of body weight and added weight exercises that focus on good posture and control. 

*The heart shape on the X-ray is a protective measure.

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