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Hello Elle! I started yoga 3 months ago and I came across your Instagram page a few weeks changed my life!! I am an avid user of Get Bendy pre yoga classes and also pre run (10km plus). Muscle pain and fatigue has decreased a lot! Thanks for the easy guides and introducing Get Split too! Hoping to see Get Inverted soon ;) 

- Intisar Abdul-Kader (@Intysar)


Hi Elle and Klaus! Just wanted to say that, some how I stumbled into your Instagram account and really find you to be an inspiration as I learn more about your fitness journey. I am a college student who had a devastating injury to my knee this Winter that has permanently put me out of the game. I turned to yoga to keep me active, and your story has really helped me cope, as it is very difficult to have a physical disability hold you back. Your yoga teachings and "Get Bendy" really helped me recuperate more than the extensive physical therapy I went through. Just wanted to share the love from the US and to keep up the good stuff!!

- Hannah 



I would be lost without your 'Get Bendy'. Stretching all the time has been keeping my anxiety levels at bay. I don't always do all of them at once, I do the ones I feel I need at the time of the stretch. Some days I wake up and only do the arm and neck ones, then after breakfast or after I've been sitting at Uni for a couple of hours, I'll do the leg ones. Best and cheapest form of anxiety relief I've ever purchased. A good stretch calms my over thinking mind and breathing. Thank you spunky :) from someone who's suffered anxiety for over 10 years.

- Emm



The following message seriously touched my heart. 

I (anonymous) have been suffering with depression for a few years now, as well as severe anxiety for most of my life. It really takes all control out of your life and as a result I'm pretty sure the last time I did any form of exercise that wasn't incidental was a good 18 months ago. I was a dancer for almost 10 years of my life and it was pretty crushing that I couldn't even enjoy simple exercise let alone the one thing I had loved all my life and stopped because I just didn't have the energy anymore. I recently spent a little over 2 weeks in a mental health clinic as I hit breaking point and just really want to turn my life and lifestyle around. I have followed elle_fit for a while now and finally decided to download the Get Bendy eGuide. You are quite inspirational in that you have overcome your own physical issues to become such an incredible (not sure what word to use here - athlete? Yogi? Incredible nonetheless). This morning I woke up and thought if she can overcome her own issues and be so happy and healthy there is no good reason why I can't. I tried the stretches from the guide this morning and can I say to someone who has lost most of my flexibility it felt amaaaaaaaazing. I really enjoyed it too, and even worked up a little sweat which felt just as good. It felt so great to accomplish something that 2 weeks ago I wouldn't have thought even possible. I'm going to continue following the stretches and hopefully continue on to do some of the more challenging yoga stretches and poses that you post frequently. Sorry for the long essay I just wanted to let you know you've made the little difference in my life that will hopefully kickstart a much happier me. 

- This person prefers to be anonymous. 

Please if you find yourself in a similar situation, reach out for help to those around you. Love Elle xx



Dear Elle, It's been three weeks since I bought your Get Bendy guide, and I find myself living a much more positive and motivated life already!! As a full time student in college, I spent most of my days just sitting at the desk, and slowly, I found myself experiencing back pains and neck pain. I was having a hard time concentrating whilst studying due to all these pains. 

After I purchased your Get Bendy Guide, I have been improving my overall flexibility, and I'm amazed to discover what my body is capable of doing!! I was surprised with just doing Get Bendy stretches for 10 days, I was able to get into the Camel pose, which I never thought I would be able to do! This discovery has given me the positive energy I have been lacking for so long, and I have completely changed my lifestyle with Get Bendy stretches as an everyday ritual :) This probably isn't the best progress photo you received from your followers, but I really want to share this to you, and thank you so much for creating this guide!!!! 

- Daisy (@daisyhsu7)

PS. It's a great progress photo Daisy!! :) 





Dear Elle!! I contacted you last November via your FB page telling you about my hamstring injury. I hurt myself whilst trying to do splits, and since then I wasn't able to do any stretching that involved my leg muscles. However, with the help of your Get Bendy poster I recently started getting into the pose! I'm soo happy, I feel I can do anything now! Thank you for creating this poster! P.S. Still a huge fan of yours! Thank you for spreading such an inspiring and positive message. Check it out, this is me doing the splits :). 

- Beata (@misssbeata)




Your guide has been incredibly helpful and extremely user friendly. I'm so glad I decided to download it! After loosing over 80 lbs, I've been working on my flexibility and building up muscle strength and I've really come to love the combination of running and yoga. Your guide has been a great starting point for someone that's never taken a yoga class before. I've seen the biggest improvement in my shoulders and lower back. It's actually pretty funny to see some of the reactions from other guys at the gym when I go from standing, into a back bend and onto my forearms. I even had someone ask me about what kind of stretches I do because he was "tired of feeling like a brick." Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for inspiring me and so many others to "get bendy"! 

- Anthony (@fuscoa23)




Hey Elle, Get Bendy rocks my socks! When I started yoga, I wanted to do advanced poses and twist myself in peculiar ways. However, trying to do that got me no where. Your Ebook helped me take a step back and focus on basic, yet significant stretches and that is when I started to get bendy ;) My shoulders have opened up a ton and I have made so much progress. Thanks for being awesome.

- Blake (@b_fityoga) 



Hi! My name is Sophie and I just wanted to send you a couple of these progress shots because I am SO happy about it!! I've been going through your Get Bendy guide everyday for about a week and a half now. I never in a million years thought I'd be able to grab my feet!! Let alone in just 8 days. I can't thank you enough for bringing me back to the basics. I am a yogi and always considered myself flexible but backbends/ hamstring postures were always my weakness and I thought it was something I'd just have to work with. But not anymore - I've been spreading the word about your guide, it's such a help. Feeling amazing! And much more in tune with my body. Thank you so much!

- Sophie (@flexible_fitness_)

2 day progress 

8 day progress



Hey Elle. I wish I had a photo of me before I started using Get Bendy though I had my sister sit next to me as we both had the same flexibility (or lack there of as she is the one on the left) before I started. Since using your guide I can't believe how much its helped me. I feel so much better and even a bit taller. Can't wait to see the results in a few more months… maybe I'll be able to put my head on the ground. I've had 5 operations on my left knee and have always overcompensated with my hamstrings. They haven't felt this good for years. Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

- Kate (@kateepattison)

2-3 week progress




Hey Elle, so just realised I have forgotten to take a progress photo and after doing so I feel so happy and proud of myself. I am a cheerleader so it's a big must to be able to be flexible. Using your Get Bendy guide has helped me improve with cheer and flexibility so much! I could barely get my leg off the ground when I started! Just want to say a big thank you. 

- Tarnee (@tarneejennifer_)




Hi Elle, I just wanted to give you a HUGE thank you! If two months ago you told me I could improve my flexibility in so many different ways I wouldn't have believed you. Since I got Get Bendy I stretch everyday no matter where I am. I've never felt so good! 

- @ladyhummingbird




One month backbend progress using Get Bendy! Enjoying my new flexibility so much. Thank you!!!

- Shelby (@shelbygrace411)




Just wanted to say thank you so freakin much for all your help every day! All of your stretching tips are so helpful, and I finally realised why I kept hurting myself in this pose! I never realised my shoulders could be what's holding me back and I just can't thank you enough for helping me find that out and I can do it properly now! Thank you thank you thank you (as you can tell I'm a little excited).

- @mylifeinyoga

(You can see more tips on full bow pose here) :) 




I'm loving the book and following you on Instagram. I find that the stretching is helping with my anxiety. It's nice to have that time to myself to relax, slow down, and focus inward. Thank you for all you do :)

- Hannah (@han_lamb)


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