Food Intolerances

So that's my diet in a nut shell. Food intolerances include: milk protein, baker's and brewer's yeast, sulphites (preservatives 220-228), wheat, oats, malt and mild sensitivities to peanuts, capsicum and cauliflower. To avoid all of those fun things I stick to a gluten free and dairy free diet as much as possible. 

The side effects I have from these foods all vary. Milk protein gives me stomach aches, a chesty cough and puffy eyes if I have too much. Wheat, oats, yeast, capsicum, cauliflower all make me extremely bloated and create super fun stomach pains.. and sulphites burn the absolute bejeebus out of my tongue (geographic tongue - not pretty and definitely not comfortable). The test I had was a 93 food allergy test - if you're unsure about what foods don't agree with you I'd recommend getting one! Google it and then ask your doctor to arrange one (or suss out one that will, some Doctors seem to avoid solving problems without medicine.....hmm). 

At the beginning of 2013 I realised that I was a sugar addict. It was out of control and so were my moods. I was the definition of 'hangry' [hungry/angry] at multiple times throughout the day. Sugar spiked my energy levels but it would also throw me in a heap on the ground shaking, wanting moreee! I was also a Milo addict. I'm talking 4-5 Milos a day, 3/4 Milo, 1/4 milk (the best way to have it). No wonder I'm intolerant to malt now (sorry body!). I was consuming Milo with A2 milk which sat alright with me for a while because it appeared to solve the whole milk protein problem but I was having far too much for my body to handle. You'd think waking up with puffy eyes and a chesty cough would be a big enough wake up call..... 

My rehab solution for my sugar problem was to cut out sugar and also caffeine, cold turkey. Boy was that hard! Sugar is a hard drug. It's addictive, cheap, readily available and pretty damn tasty. The first two weeks were horrible! I had headaches, the shakes, epic mood swings and..... diarrhoea. Let me explain before you get too grossed out. My master plan was to make my body like natural sugars rather than refined ones. So to transition into less sugar I replaced all that refined sugar with fruit. And a butt load of it. Ha.. ha. Well yes. I soon realised too much fruit meant too much toilet time so I backed off that idea a little bit. The thought of lollies makes my teeth furry and my stomach sick. I finally know what it feels like to have sustained energy throughout the day and how incredibly wonderful it is to not have crazy mood swings and bouts of hangriness. 

I have become quite in tune with my body. There are still things I am learning and figuring out. For example, neither white or brown rice agrees with my body at the moment (hello bloat city!) so I substitute other foods in. People often ask what I eat and wellllll there is a reason I don't post my meals on Instagram #foodstagram every day. It's because it is pretty much the same, all the time. I LOVE FOOD and I appreciate great cooking but after spending years being sick after almost every meal I am quite content sticking to a pretty simple diet. I have found what works for my body and that's what I stick to. 

I really love watching documentaries about food on a variety of topics - sugar, fast food, veganism etc. Checking out all of the Food Matters DVDs is a great place to start if you're interested. 


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