Why I've stopped going to the gym 30 August 2016

A lot of people ask if yoga / stretching is all I do. Nope, and I wouldn't recommend it. I don't go to many yoga classes at all. And when I say not many... I mean I go about once a month. I might go through phases where I go a little more frequently but that would be the average. 90% of my stretching is done at home.

I have recently moved back to Brisbane, after being on the Sunshine Coast for 2 years. All of Aaron's work is here and considering Elle Fit Active can be run anywhere that has WiFi it made more sense. I do miss the beach but I'm finding my experience in Brisbane much better than the last time I lived here.  I am definitely in a better head space and have realised that I can be happy anywhere so that's a biggie!

So, why I've stopped going to the gym? Well, I still have my Goodlife membership but I have barely used it. We have an F45 around the corner which is super handy!!

When I was on the coast I was seeing a PT for about 4 months (once or twice a week) at Goodlife which was good - but expensive! $60 a sesh. Once I stopped that I didn't have any motivation to go to the gym and even after 4 months of working with him I still wasn't confident doing all of the new exercises on my own.

After we got back from the Maldives (end of May) I basically didn't do any exercise for the month of June... haha a very, very slack month. Seriously, I'm pretty sure the only exercise I did was in a photoshoot.

In July I decided to do the 2 week free trial at F45 and absolutely loooved it! If you haven't heard of it before, F45 is functional group training and it's such a cool streamlined system. Every F45 gym, all around the world, do the same workouts every day, and we usually have two personal trainers per class. All of the workouts go for 45 mins and I think they do 3 cardio based sessions and 2 resistance sessions per week + a crazy Saturday session which is a bit of everything. I'm still a newbie but I'm pretty sure that's what we do.

I've been doing it for about 2 months now and it's the most motivating training I think I have ever done. 45 mins is the perfect amount of time to work up a sweat and exhaust my body (not too long that I think urggggh nup!), it's really cool training with a group and getting to know people that live nearby, they BLAST the tunes, the trainers are so energetic and helpful and yeaaaah it's just a cool vibe! They're all set class times too that you book via an app so it's actually making me more punctual and I'm beginning to have more of a set routine which is nice.

If I could explain the workouts I'd say they're a mix of body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, cardio etc. Similar to Kayla Itsines training but less jumping I find. I have only tried Crossfit twice and it screwed my knees and it's nothing like that.

So yeah, just thought I'd share what I've been doing. F45 (I go to the Coorparoo one) and stretching with Get Bendy + Get Split & playing around with Get Inverted! Aaron and I have also written out a list of random things we like doing so each week we do something new. Going for a ride, tennis, boxing, basketball, pilates, and we even have a hip hop class on the list. Watch out!!


Also remember this...

Strength without flexibility = rigidity
Flexibility without strength = instability

That is why yoga alone isn't great on the body, in my opinon! If I do too much yoga my joints aren't happy and I start to feel very floppy and unstable.

Aim for balance!

E :)