I've found that home isn't necessarily where your family or family home is. I think home is where your soul smiles, and life flows effortlessly, peacefully, and calmly.

To understand and know this feeling I think it's important to notice how you feel in different environments. In order for me to truly know this feeling, I've needed to know the opposite too. I've learnt to notice the difference between calm and chaos. I've learnt to follow what feels good

I feel extremely fortunate to have found a place I can happily and confidently call home. It's a place my soul has yearned to be long before I knew of it.

For now, this place is the southern end of the Gold Coast, Australia.

Squeaky white sand, turquoise water, friendly faces belonging to down to earth people, and a strong magnetic pull to nature at all times of the day, regardless of the weather or season.

Heaven right? It's my heaven fo' sho. But I've only been here 18 months. Before then, there was a longing for this feeling. It was certainly a journey to get here.

I've always been a water baby. Swimming up and down a black line was a familiar sight for a good portion of my life, but it's the energy of the ocean and salty seaside air that fills my lungs and recharges every cell of my body.

I noticed this when I moved to the Sunshine Coast after being in the city for uni, a place I felt very lost and disconnected.

Soon after moving to the coast, I came across the perfectly minimal Save The Last Pinker wave rings. I have worn mine every day since, which would be around 3.5 years now.

It's my little reminder to get to the ocean as much as possible... and when I can't, I look down at my hands and I transport myself to that homely feeling and can instantly feel a wave of calm wash over me.

So when I opened The Studio Upstairs I contacted Sarah from Save The Last Pinker and asked if she'd like to collaborate. A chance to offer a little splash of Burleigh Heads, the heart of The Studio Upstairs, to you.

I hope this special piece can remind you of home, wherever that might be for you.

This is the last run of wave rings we will be doing for a while as I shift my attention to some exciting new projects.

We are currently gifting you a FREE copy of Get Split or Get Inverted with every wave ring purchase. All you have to do is add your wave ring and the guide of your choice to the cart and enter YIPEE at the checkout! This also applies to any Sunrise Squid orders :)


PS. Your soul will always feel at home in nature, so get outside and get connected as much as possible. Moving bodies of water also hold a special energy, immerse yourself often.

Elle x