What I'm listening to at the moment 29 June 2016

Don't get me wrong, I love having a good sing-a-long in the car, but I've just discovered something that tops 90s RNB whilst driving.

My family loves to bounce around ideas and I swear my sister comes up with a new business idea daily. Recently we were having a DNM on the phone and she mentioned that she had listened to some really cool podcasts.

I completely forgot that podcasts were a thing and honestly tried to delete the app from my phone. However, the awesome thing about podcasts is that they can play in the background on your phone unlike YouTube videos which is what I was doing (in a very interrupted manner).

I've never been one to get lost in fantasy or fiction. I'd rather listen to TED talks than finish 5 seasons of a TV show (I think I must have got all of that out of my system when I was younger - because I did thoroughly enjoy that at one stage).

Anyway, getting to the point, my favourite podcasts lately have been Jack Delosa's. His passion is in education and entrepreneurship. Which I think covers everyone really. I read his latest book 'Unwritten' in record time - it's funny how quickly you can finish something if it's aligned with everything in your head.

He recently did a TED talk which is worth a watch. The topic is very relevant to me at the moment. Not only because deciding whether or not to finish my Law degree is something I ponder daily but he covers how important it is to take responsibility for our own education too.

Enjoy! Highly recommend sifting through his YouTube videos and checking out the podcasts.

Would love to know your favourite books, videos etc. Leave them in the comment section below.

Keep smiling and challenging yourself :D