Video: Dealing with anxiety & depression 23 June 2017

Recently I uploaded some Q&A style videos on Instagram and I thought I'd pop them on my blog as a more permanent way to access them. Watching videos back is always fun - seriously, could have cracked a smile bro! Guess the topic called for a serious Uncle Elle face. Don't worry there will be plenty of smiles for other topics ;).

As always, I share this info in hope that you realise you are not alone, we're all human and we all struggle with similar things. Seriously, you thought you were THAT special? The only person on planet Earth going through a tough time? It's all part of the human experience. We're on a beautiful planet, spinning in space. So whenever you're getting too consumed in that little head of yours... zoom out and remember just how magical this whole thing is! Another thing to remember, nothing is permanent! Not even that squinty reading face you currently have. PS. You better laugh today! I'm talking a full blown belly, almost pee yourself sort of laugh. Humans need to everyday! My spirit animal is a hyena - and for years my hyena hibernated. Seriously sad stuff. Let that laugh out! 

Hopefully by sharing my coping mechanisms and other topics like how stretching and challenging myself physically has helped, advice from a psychologist, the idea of depression vs expression, who I speak to now, and diagnosis attachment amongst other things (I could go on forever), you or someone you know may benefit.

KEY POINT: Our mental health is our responsibility. We don't get taught this sort of stuff in school. So, cancel your Netflix subscription and pick up a book. If you get a headache from reading, go get your eyes checked. You're probs blind. My parents saw my face 5cms from my computer and said 'ahhh Elle, maybe it's time to book an appointment'. I thought I had 20/20 vision until I was told my eye balls had astigmatism and I tried on some glasses. 'A whole neeewwww woooorld! A dazzling place I never knew'.. yeah I sing Aladdin every time I pop my glasses on.

Anyway, whether you prefer the spiritual or scientific approach there are so many books just waiting for you to pick up. They will make your life easier within seconds. I have devoted a good portion of 2017 to reading. You can find my book recommendations over hurrrrr. Read through my reviews and tap into your intuition to pick a book that you need. 

Lotsa love, Elle :)

PS. Just so you know. Throughout my life, nervousness and anxiety were such common feelings that I was convinced it was my natural disposition. I also struggled with depression for a number of years and would easily fall into states of very clouded thoughts during tough times. 

I am not one to settle for a mediocre life and have always done my best to discover ways to make life easier. Understanding the ways of the mind and getting in touch my intuition and making life decisions based on what I want to do, has created an incredible shift. I can now say that I go to sleep each night in awe of the day I have just experienced and wake up excited to create a new one. 

We are in complete creative control of our lives and when we can get our mind, body and unique, amazing little souls to work together (rather than against each other), life is pretty freaking special and I want nothing more than everyone to discover that.