The YouTube video that instantly calms me.. 04 August 2016


Exercising in nature is a guaranteed way to make me feel better - I know this, yet I avoid it. Funny little thing called self sabotage (I'm also pretty hopeless in the winter months). I'm sure most of us would be pretty cool, calm and collected if we got to dive under warm waves in the Maldives every day, I know I would be. So when I'm not, staring at this photo helps!

I was recommended a particular YouTube video and I put it off for a few weeks but decided to listen to it whilst driving from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast recently (about an hours drive). And maaaan was it one relaxing drive! Thank you Maria! Maria did a guest blog about how stretching has helped her recover from a spinal cord injury - you can read it here.

Here is the video (well, audio really) by Wayne Dyer... It's an epic compilation with so many nuggets of wisdom and within 2 minutes of listening to it I genuinely feel my shoulders relax and my mind stop racing. You can start it anywhere, like he mentions in the intro. I have listened to it about 3 times already in its entirety and it's something I could continue to listen to over and over and notice something new every time.

Enjoy, keep smiling, and be kind to yourself :)