How To Improve Your 3 Legged Dog 22 July 2016

3 legged down dog is a great pose to figure out where your lower body is tight. By popping into a normal downward facing dog you can notice how your calves, hamstrings, glutes and lower back feel - and for some, it may even be the upper body too. When you lift one leg into the air for a 3 legged dog it becomes even more apparent where your body is tight.

There are quite a few ways to dissect this pose in order to improve not only your range of motion but how it feels. 

      1. If you want to track your progress I'd highly recommend taking a video and then grabbing a screenshot of where you're at. It's really cool to see how far you can progress in just one stretch sesh.

      2. Start in a downward facing dog and lift one leg whilst keeping the hips square. If your calves and hammies are tight it might feel like you can't lift very far at all and you may have the tendency to roll the hip open to get it higher - don't worry about how high you can lift the leg, just focus on keeping your hips level.

      3. Notice where you are tight. If you are really feeling it in the calves, hamstrings or glutes of the leg planted on the ground, this is where you should focus on. I really feel it in my calves and hamstrings.

      4. I love rolling on a massage ball first to loosen things up a bit - especially my calves as I find them hard to stretch. I'd suggest rolling out the arches of your feet and then roll your calves, hamstrings, and glutes (all the way up your legs). Hold and breathe at any areas that are knotty. If this is your first time using a massage ball, trust me it gets more enjoyable and oddly addictive - stick it out!!

      5. After rolling on the massage ball, try your 3 legged dog again.

      6. Now to stretch the specific muscle groups. If you are feeling it in your calves and hamstrings do as many stretches here as you can. The Get Split guide is all about the lower body and broken up into muscle groups so flick to the relevant pages and get stretching. Other common areas to feel tight are the glutes and hip flexors so pay attention to your body and really get stuck into all of those areas. There are OVER 80 photos in the Get Split guide so you will have plenty of options.

      7. After stretching, hop into your 3 legged dog again and see how it feels. Take a video or photo and compare. Do this a few times a week and see how you go!

This is before and after 30 minutes of rolling on a massage ball
and stretching with Get Split!

I'd love to hear how you go. I hope these tips can help.

Elle :)