Elle's Playlist 03 May 2017

MUSIC PLAYLIST, woo. Here you go! This is a VERY mixed bag. Sunrise tunes, road trip singalongs, rainy days, ya know, bit of everything. I really don't update my music library much but I've had a lot of requests for a shared playlist. I use Apple Music because it's included in my plan, so apologies for Spotify users - I hope you can search for them easily. Enjoy! 


We're currently road tripping from the Gold Coast to Melbourne in our Kombi, Ollie. I'll continue to add to this playlist with any more bangers we come across. We've been breaking it up with some popular 90s tunes of course but there are plenty of playlists around for that ;). 


Elle's Playlist (called 'Ollie'):


Please let me know in the comments if that link doesn't work :)