Balancing It All - Today Show Host Sylvia Jeffreys 03 August 2016

As a bright smiley news presenter for the Today show, Sylvia Jeffreys knows a thing or two about doing early mornings well. She will be running the Sun-Herald City2Surf on August 14, and I had the opportunity to chat to her about busy schedules, staying fit and chasing that fire without burning out.



    Your alarm clock is set a few hours before most people and your job requires you to be on live TV and ready to go – what are your tips for waking up ‘on the right side of the bed’ and what things do you do to start the day feeling happy and fresh?

      It's really very simple and horribly boring.  Get to bed early and don't eat/drink the bad stuff late in the day.  I climb into bed between 7.30 and 8pm and avoid sugar and alcohol on (most) school nights.  If I have a particularly buzzy brain I rely on the rain app to send me off to sleep. 


      I’ve heard you are doing the City2Surf run this year, woohoo! How do you squeeze in your training with a busy schedule and how important is it for you to stay fit and healthy? 

        I rely heavily on exercise to get me through the day happily and productively.  My alarm goes off at 3am, and I find that if I haven't done any exercise by 3pm I have a tendency to drop into a mad mood.  It can be hard to squeeze it in every day, but when you get into the habit of making exercise a priority, it becomes easier to get moving.  Even when you'd rather sit on the couch with a packet of corn chips.  



        A lot of your time is spent in front of the camera, what is your advice for feeling comfortable in your own skin?

          Professional hair and makeup artists help!  Honestly, I don't know the answer to this because we all have our insecurities, especially when we are tired and irrational.  But I do feel more confident and comfortable with every year that passes.  When you can fight the instinct to compare yourself to other women, you find the mental capacity to feel proud of what you've got on the inside and out.  



            If you find yourself in a rut or feeling unmotivated, what do you do to get back on track?  

              I set myself a new goal that forces me to be accountable eg. Running the City2Surf.  I am most productive and motivated when I work to a deadline.  


                You get to meet a lot of inspiring people, how important do you think it is to live a life you love and pursue your passions/ dreams?

                  The most successful people I've met are those who've identified their skills and worked their backsides off with a firm grip on reality.  You've got to be able to get up in the morning and know that you have the potential to achieve something meaningful today, and enjoy the process.  


                    Funniest thing that’s happened to you lately? 

                      Joining Snapchat.  I'm hooked.  


                      Thank you so much for giving us some insights into your world Sylvia.

                      If you're free on August 14, join Sylvia in the City2Surf fun run!