Find out what I eat.. 30 November 2015

I get a few questions about what I eat so here you go.. I never really post photos because... ain't no body got time for photos when you're hangry (I am the epitome of an angry hungry person)!

I had to keep a food diary for the naturopath so now I actually have an idea of what I eat. My memory isn't too crash hot so I guess you got lucky here otherwise this would have taken me weeks to put together.

Just a little foreword about my diet. I'm coeliac and also dairy free (food intolerances - not by choice) so everything below is GF and only some things might have a tiny bit of dairy (I can put up with a chesty cough/ puffy eyes every now and again.. a little bit of cheese doesn't do too much harm though).

I'm also predominantly vegetarian but eat meat when I feel like my body is saying 'hey I need whatever is in that, sooo get some!'. 

If you guys would like to leave easy meal ideas in the comments I'd love you for it!! Whilst we're at it, if anyone on the Sunshine Coast just wants to cook me meals for the week I won't say no to that either :p.

df - dairy free
gf - gluten free  

GFFM - Gluten Free For Me best GF and coeliac friendly restaurant on the Sunshine Coast! I'm there pretty much every day because I dislike cooking and gf food isn't the easiest to make. Definitely worth a visit even if you're not gluten free, the food is amazing!


Breakfast doesn't change much but this is what I basically alternate between..
  • Avocado on gf toast + 2 poached eggs (medium, can't stand when the white part of an egg is runny) I also like to add pesto or hommus to mix things up occassionally.
  • Veggie omelette - mushroom, spinach, tomato (I like to cook the mushrooms in tamari first - gf soy sauce).
  • Bacon and egg gf panini - df and crispy bacon.
  • Baked beans on toast does the trick when I'm feeling lazy.
  • Bananas, passionfruit, oranges, mangoes, apples - whatever is in season really but I can't just have fruit alone for breaky - they're more so snacks either before gym or morning tea time.
  • Veggie juices or green smoothies.
  • Lemon water before eating if I remember, helps with hydration! 
  • I used to drink almond milk coffees but I cut out coffee in August.. I think it was making me more tired and not so great for people with adrenal/ chronic fatigue. It was two weeks of hell and then I was fine. If I feel like something warm now I might have a df hot choc or tea. 




Does anyone else think lunch is an awkward meal? I do... and I always get hungry at around 2/3pm when things are closing. I guess lunch and dinner are sort of the same so a lot of these slot into the dinner category too!

  • Veg/ vegan gf pizza - the one above is a vegan pizza from Vegerama in Brisbane, my favourite! Pumpkin, spinach, pine nuts, mint pesto and cashew cheese.
  • Soup with gf toast - love pumpkin!
  • Veg salad gf roll - GFFM (Gluten Free For Me) my local coeliac friendly cafe sells the best knot rolls (which I missed so much when I went gf) so we make salad rolls at home. I usually have lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, grated carrot and avocado.
  • Veg sushi - Dana (my sister) makes the best sushi and she drags me into the kitchen to help so I'll have to take a few pics and tell you her secret to fluffy and perfect sushi rice/ how to make them! 
  • Veg lasagna - this gf lasagna is from GFFM and has a bit of dairy but not too much so I'll have it every now and again.
  • Betty's burgers in Noosa are delish, their GF buns are pretty good too!
  • Veg nachos dairy free - I think I'm 1/2 mexican. I have nachos 3-4 times a week. The nachos below are from a vegan cafe on the coast and they do cashew cheese on top YUM! 


Every time dinner comes around I never know what to eat..

  • Veg gf pasta - pesto or with some veggies.
  • Veg sushi - I love avo/ cucumber rolls or homemade with whatever we have in the fridge.
  • Grilled fish - salmon with sweet potato and asparagus.
  • Steamed veggies with brown rice and tamari.
  • Veggie stir fry with brown rice.
  • Green or red curry with veggies, tofu and rice.
  • Sweet potato with lentils and other roast veggies.
  • Sometimes we just have a huge plate of roast veggies too - sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, the little onions.
  • Soup in winter - my naturopath tells me to have chicken bone broth for my gut health so I make a big batch of that up and freeze it into small portions and occasionally use that as a base for soup.


    I'm not a huge dessert person but I love the mint Pana Chocolate. Happily finish a block (I guess it's only 6 pieces) in a sitting. Otherwise fruit!!

    I hope you enjoyed reading - apologies that there are no game breaking recipes. I like to keep things simple. I'd love to hear what you eat or even cafe/ restaurant recommendations all around Australia! I'm always looking for new meals to add to the rotation. Leave a comment below and let me know!

    Elle :)