Pigmentation - Mo problems! 27 November 2015

Pigmentation.. Glad to know I'm not alone on this one, so thank you for everyone that commented on Instagram, I hope this blog helps!!

I have had pigmentation on my upper lip for about 4-5 years. Otherwise known as my 'freckle mo'. It popped up when I was taking the contraceptive pill and I wasn't the most diligent sunscreen applier either so probably a combo. If you are or have been pregnant, apparently pigmentation can flare up just because of the crazy hormones going through your body. I guess a similar thing happens on the pill. 

I went off the pill two years ago for a few reasons but a big one was the pigmentation. I was told that it would eventually fade, but nope it was just getting worse every summer/ any time in the sun. For someone that doesn't wear much make up and spends a lot of time outdoors and in water I was quite self conscious of my freckle mo. I'm sure other people didn't notice it much but I guess it was an insecurity for me and I was always trying to figure out a way to get rid of it.. And in the mean time hunting down concealers that actually covered it (hard to find, don't you think?!!). 

So, here are the things I tried:

  • First thing was going off the pill - two years and no difference, if anything it kept getting worse.
  • Googling like crazy. Realised that pigmentation or melasma is actually very tricky to get rid of and I started to just accept that I would probably have it for life and had to learn to not be self conscious about it. Because in the grand scheme of things a bit of pigmentation really isn't that bad at all. 
  • Saw a dermatologist to get their opinion. He gave me a mild topical bleaching cream to use, I think it's called Hydroquinone. That did help lighten it a little during winter, but as soon as I went back in the sun (even with zinc applied regularly) it came back. 

By this point I had pretty much just given up on it until two friends mentioned they had laser for pigmentation under their eyes/ cheeks and another who also had a freckle mo. They said it worked perfectly and they haven't had it back since so I was like OMG I NEED THIS ASAP ROCKY! 

I had a consultation at a place my freckle mo friend recommended and told them that I had tried things in the past and was pretty sick of spending money on creams or skin consultations that didn't lead me anywhere. They were happy to help. They gave me a sample of LYTERA Skin Brightening cream (which is pretty exxy, I've still got my sample because it goes a long way woo don't have to buy the bottle yet haha) and they asked me to use it morning and night for two weeks. They wanted to see if it shifted/ lightened the pigmentation at all. I'm no skin care specialist but basically what I learnt was that the pigmentation can be superficial or it can go quite deep (which would be harder to shift). If the LYTERA cream shifted it that was an indicator that IPL might be effective. Melasma/ pigmentation is hard to treat because it's so different person to person and a little bit of sun (or even computer screens apparently) can set it off! 

So I used the LYTERA cream for two weeks, it lightened it a bit which was a great sign so on my next appointment we did a small test patch with the IPL laser on my freckle mo. She said that as it healed the pigmentation would get darker and basically have a bit of milo effect/ light scab and then peel off. This is exactly what happened and after the milo looking scab fell off the test patch was pigmentation free WOOOO! 

I went back and did my whole mo/ upper lip which again resulted in the milo type scab - coverable with a good concealer and it lasted about 4 days before flaking off. The skin consultation, LYTERA sample and IPL test patch was all free which was amazing! All I had to pay for was the $100 when I got my full upper lip lasered. So very affordable.. well in comparison to the few hundred I spent at the dermatologist! 

Super happy with the results. I have a VERY faint colour still there but you can only tell if you look super closely and know what you're looking for - just looks normal now. It even got rid of a little freckle I had in the area. I'm going to keep going with the LYTERA brightening cream and if I want to get a second laser appointment in about a months time I can, but I guess I will just see how it goes!! Lots of zinc and wearing a hat when I'm in the sun!

:D :D :D I hope this helps some of you guys because it's such an annoying skin problem and so hard to find information that you can trust, well you can trust me 100%. But in saying that - everyone's skin is so different. They were really happy with my results and I guess I was lucky that my pigmentation was sitting close to the surface. A test patch will confirm whether or not IPL is going to work so you'll need to go through that with your specialist. 

Make sure you find a legit place and ask HEAPS of questions before going ahead with it because there is a chance that it can darken it - something you do not want! 

Whilst my milo freckle mo scab was going on I was very self conscious so my witty boyfriend decided to cheer me up with the following banter - feel free to make use of it if you decide to do the same (it literally only lasted 3-5 days max so it's really not that bad and good make up covers it)

  • It was nice to mo you
  • It's mo big deal
  • Mo problems!
  • I don't mo?
  • Oh mo!
  • I need concealer! There's mo way you can conceal that.. 
  • Are you embarrassed to be seen with me? Mo
  • It's horrible. Mo it's not.
  • I've had this for like 4 or 5 years! Mo my god!

And when I called him today as the jokes were still going on I said 'I'm over it now anyway' and he said 'what? did you just say I'm MOver it?' Ha! Sooo there you go. Don't take yourself or your mo too seriously.

Lots of love and happy to answer any questions in the comments.

PS. Will add before and after photos if/when I get them from the clinic :) 

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Love Elle :)