3 things every blonde needs 25 August 2016

The title says 3 but it's 'sorta' 4. Older sisters usually teach you a lot of things. My sister is 14 months older so I just let her make all the mistakes and then my job was easy. HAHA. But really, she did everything a year before me so there weren't too many surprises.

However! Dana is a brunette. And I am a blonde... and there are a few things I've had to figure out by myself. Like how to keep my hair from looking like a brassy, oily, frizz ball.

So for all those blondes out there who are only really happy with their hair for about a week or two after seeing a hairdresser and then all hell breaks loose - here are some LIFE SAVERS!!!

I'm going to explain these products in order of favourites...

  • Dry shampoo (product on the left - any brand is fine, this one is just whatever Aaron grabbed when I told him I needed it). Best. Thing. Ever for girls who get oily hair and can't be bothered showering. Ha, I am so lazy but seriously if I didn't use dry shampoo I'd have to wash my hair every morning -_-
  • Moroccan oil. Wow. This little jar of goodness (front of photo) is incredible. I actually just bought a new one because my last one that lasted me THREE YEARS ran out. I use about 1/4 of a 5c piece (tiiiny amount) and it makes my hair so nice and smooth, no fly aways and gets rid of that post blow dry frizz. It also smells delish!!!!
  • Purple shampoo & conditioner (again, any brand, this is just something random I found and have started using). Having a yellow/ brassy blonde makes me feel dirty and bleh so using purple shamp & cond once or twice a week brings it back to a nice clean, ashy, toned blonde. SO good to prolong visits to the hairdresser.
  • Toner. This is the last thing I popped on the list and didn't even include in the title '3 things blondes need' haha because if you're using the purple shamp & cond you don't usually need it. Buuuut if you are finding your hair is just super brassy and needs some extra TLC try popping this foamy toner in. Works wonders and makes it nice and ashy - helps the appearance of regrowth too. It's called Iceflower and usually sold at the more hairdressy type places (Hairhouse Warehouse), not sure if they have it at general chemists.

RANDOM blog post but I just thought I'd share my fave hair products that keep my head looking somewhat ok. I honestly have no idea how to do my hair and make up but keeping it a nice colour, not frizzy, not oily and just half decent seems to get me by.

Oh, and a GOOD HAIRDRESSER who can do amazing blonde foils is an absolute god send. I see Freda at Papas and Pace in Brisbane so if anyone is in Bris or surrounding areas and needs a really good blonde (natural, really clean colours, fine foils, close to the scalp - all that jazz) she is BRILLIANT.

Elle xx