Find out what's on my bookshelf.. must reads! 24 April 2015

This post is all about the incredible books I have either read or listened to lately. Gone are the days of bed time stories with Mother duck.. so when I say 'listened to' I am referring to audiobooks that I have downloaded on iTunes. I do quite a bit of driving and once I've played my favourite song 547 times I need options. I also like a change from music sometimes when I'm stretching with Get Bendy & Get Split.

PS. When I was younger we lived next to a rainforest in a place that didn't get TV reception so I did A LOT of reading. Probably enough to cover a life time. Since then I haven't had any interest in reading any fiction books. I switched to TV shows whilst in college but for the past few years anything I read or watch leans more towards the informative side. I like reading books that will broaden my understanding of certain topics - a lot of self help/ health/ business stuff I guess. Ted Talks are another fave Friday night adventure.

I do watch other movies too. Don't ask for any recommendations though, Dory over here.

This list is short because that's all I've managed to really get through in the past few years. Which is probably good, I don't like being overwhelmed. You can go back to them numerous times and learn something new.

Read/ listened to:
The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle
A handbook that has been present throughout my life from a very young age. My parents have shared snippets for as long as I can remember. Little lessons to pay attention to and observe. It was a bit too much to read or comprehend in it's entirety when I was younger - I think a lot of books about spiritual enlightenment are ha! A few years ago when I hit a really rough patch I knew it was time to have a read for myself. Other than the wisdom my parents have shared with me, this book was I guess the beginning of my journey to really understand the difference between consciousness and ego. I recommend this book to everyone I know. It's also available as an audiobook on iTunes.

The Healing Code - Alex Loyd
A great read for learning how to deal with stress and the health issues it causes you. I was guaranteed tonsillitis twice a year around exam times when I was just utterly exhausted. Dad had told me about this book but 'I didn't have time'. I was about to head to the doctor to get my usual script of antibiotics when I decided to give the technique in this book a go. Woke up the next morning symptom free. I am quite the skeptic on things that make big claims - but I wouldn't recommend something unless it had worked for me time and time again, also family members and friends.

The Untethered Soul - Michael A. Singer
This was a required reading for my Acrovinyasa teacher training. WOW. Probably the easiest book to read/ listen to about the journey beyond yourself - the voice inside your head, who are you, energy, freeing yourself, death etc. If you're looking for a place to start I'd recommend this one.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman
If you have a hard time grasping topics such as being attentive, mindfulness etc this is a great book which has also been made into a movie. A more story like structure which is very easy to follow.

Currently reading/ About to read:
Light on Life - B.K.S. Iyengar 
Required reading for my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training - 2 chapters in and bookmarking every second page. Great read for anyone looking for some wise words on wholeness and inner peace, even if you don't necessarily have a physical yoga practice.

Last Child in the Woods - Richard Louv 
Someone mentioned this book when I was at Michael Leunig's talk. They simply mentioned nature deficit disorder and my ears perked up straight away. We all need a good dose of nature every day in our lives and we forget how important it is for our well being. This is something I've been trying to figure out for the past few years and I can't wait to read more about it.


Enjoy :D and let me know how you go. Also leave some ideas of any life changing books in the comments below.

Elle :)