How much sleep do you actually need? 20 October 2014

During school I was up at 4:30/5am to get to swimming or tennis training. So naturally I'd be dead at around 9pm for bed. Since I left high school though my sleeping pattern has been all over the place. The first few years of uni I stayed up super late watching episode after episode of Gossip Girl, Family Guy etc. When I got hit with chronic fatigue, at first I had mild insomnia then it was just extreme lethargy. The past 1-2 years my energy levels have slowly improved and as of two weeks ago (my latest results) it looks like all of my levels are back to normal (first time in 5 years!!! WoooOoooOOo!). I still need to get a blog post up about chronic fatigue, it will have to be after exams though, sozzy! 

Every now and then I have the urge to get a good sleeping pattern happening but then I leave assignments to the last minute, stay up late watching documentaries, or get carried away doing yoga and then bam it's midnight (or later). On the odd occasion I go out (eg. went to the UQ Business Ball last Saturday night and didn't get home till around 2:30/3am), I am absolutely ruined for the next few days. It doesn't help that I burn the candle at both ends. I feel anxious if I don't tick everything off my extensive to do lists. I actually asked my sister yesterday at breakfast if she thought I was more 'thorough' than most people and her answer was 'OCD'. Ok, cool. It's the only way I manage a uni degree, a business and some sort of chill time I guess...

Anyway, when I find something I think I should improve on, I can't just say ok yep let's do it (well I can - it's just not as effective), I need to have someone write it on my brain using permanent marker. Watching videos on the AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel and also TED talks usually do the trick. I know that getting 7-8hrs of sleep is important but when you have a million things you want to do each day + end of semester assessment, it's easy to convince yourself that 5-6hrs a night is fine. I have Mum's voice echoing in my head 'it's the hours before midnight that count!'.. that is one of my down falls too, even if I am getting 7-8hrs, I'm simply going to bed too late. 



Bed time the past few days (this is super early for me by the way):

Thursday - 10pm
Friday- 10pm
Saturday - 11pm
Sunday - 10:30pm

Benefits so far:

  • waking up with the sun and well before my alarm
  • more alert during the day
  • raccoon eyes slowly fading ;)

Another reason for me wanting to do this is because a few months ago I started breaking out, hey hey pimples! I was going to include more about that in this post but it was getting quite long so I'll split it up. Keep an eye out for that one if you're interested. I'll be chatting (typing..) about what I think was causing me to break out and what I've been doing to fix the problem.

Elle :)