Is your life too plastic? 18 October 2014

Last year my sister went along to TED talks about plastic use/ reduction and was part of the Responsible Runners at Bondi Beach who do a Sunday clean up. Before this I didn't pay much attention to plastic use at all. Now I'm definitely more conscious of it but can still reduce the amount of single-use plastic products I use. Reusing shopping bags as bin liners is one thing I want to reduce/stop.. I always forget to take green bags to the shop. Oops!

Things that annoy me in supermarkets:
  • Packaging a bunch of bananas in plastic, smacking on a picture of Bananas in Pyjamas and calling it a kids pack. A banana is a banana. There aren't kids sized bananas. Just pick a normal bunch. 
  • Making packs of 4 avocados. Just pick 4 avocados…!
  • Packaging organic products. Makes me a wee bit angry. I understand they need to differentiate them from normal products but it seems like a one step forward, one step back kinda thaaang. 
Cutting out plastic can make you eat healthier too! It's like Sarah Wilson's philosophy with 'I Quit Sugar'. When you cut out sugar, you cut out crap food. Same thing with plastic. When you cut out plastic, you cut out basically anything preserved and pumped with additives and icky chemicals etc - biscuits, chips, soft drink. WOOO BONUS. This also means that you will need to learn to cook. Start creating things from scratch. This is something I'm slooowly getting better at. 


IDEAS ON HOW TO REDUCE PLASTIC USE PS. This is a reminder list for me too - because I definitely don't do all of these.. yet ;)

  • Bottled water - Give it up! Use a glass jar or reusable bottle (unlike bottled water, tap water is regularly monitored by your city, but if you don't like/can't have tap water then opt for filtered water).. I've been doing this for a while now.
  • Coffee cup/lid - Take a reusable one.. I don't have takeaway coffee, either drink it there or at home.
  • Bin liners - Line bin with newspaper.. NEED to do this one!
  • Plastic bag - Take a reusable bag, and not just for groceries, everything - clothes, electronics etc.. NEED to do.
  • Plastic produce bag - Generally unnecessary, cloth bags are an alternative.. I just chuck all my fruit and veggies in the basket and then in the fruit/veggie draw in the fridge..
  • Plastic straw - Use your mouth instead or a metal straw.. Check!
  • Toilet paper - Toilet paper wrapped in paper rather than plastic.. Need to change this.
  • Cling wrap - Glass or stainless steel containers.. I use things like Avocado Savers, take a trip to Howards Storage World. 


Good mind map! You can read more here.  


Watch this :) and then check out the full movie

 Bag It (Trailer)


Warning: You will start to notice plastic ERRYYYYWHERE! 

Who is with me :D ? 


PS. Small steps, reduce as much as possible, you don't need to be OCD about it. Using plastic containers at home is fine - focus on eliminating single-use plastic first :) well that's what I'm doing. 


Elle :)